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Screeny 2.0 is paid iOS app published by ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited

Very good app to delete my screenshots!


This app saved me 1.02GB of space from deleting all my screenshots. One of its best feature is the option to select screenshots other than the ones you've taken either 15days or 30days ago. Very useful if you still want to keep your recent screenshots :) Love this app!

The best app


The best app for deleting screen shots

Love this app.

MH Selects

Saved me hours of searching and it freed up lots of space. Easy to use.

Great app. Useful every day.

Shyam Sundararaman

Great product. Must-have.

Helped me remove a couple hundred dumb screen shots


I dont know why but I have a lot of screen shots of things I think I'll care about later but I never end up looking at them. This app helps me get rid of them.

Very helpful clean up app!


Quick and easy - save space wasted on screen grabs.



highly recommend! get it!

Great app

macao somewhere near china


Lazy Girls Bestfriend


**UPDATE 2yrs LATER-Im Still lazy, and I still ❀️ this app. Yes- 🍏's updated iOS identifies screenshots & organizes these pics into an album on its own, but i still prefer Screeny; purely for the option/satisfaction of removing that πŸ‚πŸ’©xtra album in my photos app,& bc I can see the storage my SS are occupying, & then how much space Ive freed upπŸ‘πŸ» 2015 Review:I take a ton of screenshots. An obscene number to be honest. This app is a great way to bypass scrolling through my camera roll to pick out the SSs sprinkled in between the actual photos I have on my phone. Could I have saved my 99cents and just taken the time to select them manually? Sure! -but then if I had my life in order enough to keep up with the volume of SSs I take- I wouldn't be that lazy girl who would rather take a screen capture versus writing that information down, so- the $1 was well spent in my opinion.I enjoy knowing how much space I've freed up deleting these pics en masse- perhaps seeing how many unnecessary pics I've deleted will eventually teach me to take fewer SSs?? .... Probably not.

Love it


Finally clearing some space on my phone and cloud!!