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4/5 rating based on 51 reviews. Read all reviews for Screeny 2.0 for iPhone.
Screeny 2.0 is paid iOS app published by ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited

Very Useful


One of the consistently used app.



thatThis app is awesome. The only improvement i'd recommend is a UI that allows you to drag your fingers between photos for bulk selection. Selecting one a time can be tedious. Other than that, this app is fantastic. Others I've used with the same description (the free ones anyway), always have some sort of issue. However, this one is user friendly, fast and efficient. Finally, deleting screenshots is easy!



Why didn't I think of this!?

Extremely useful!


Very good design. No distraction. This app surely delivers what it promises 🙌

Two minute wonder!


Just got rid of 100 pictures in two minutes. It's not the space, it's all the junk making it hard to find what I want. Well worth the price.


I don't lowly Thai

I just wasted a dollar thinking was going to be able to delete my screenshots but keep them on my photo when all it did was delete all the pictures all together I could've just went on my album and did that for free

My screen shot delete savior

Kevin 9/23

This app works amazing. I take screenshots constantly for work that I do not need to keep.

I want it to work


I want this to work. It kinda works: it got rid of some but definitely not all of my screenshots. Most of my screenshots currently remain. But it does get rid of more than I'd delete myself, so maybe that's worth paying for. I just wish it really did what it said, because I would be happy to pay for that even more than .99:

Genius app!


Such a convenient invention and extremely fast once you select all of your screenshots. Thank you Screeny!



Perfect for clearing up your albums with unwanted screenshots