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4/5 rating based on 51 reviews. Read all reviews for Screeny 2.0 for iPhone.
Screeny 2.0 is paid iOS app published by ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited

Not working


Was great until recently. Crashes every time it starts to scan.

useful, but you delete it


and then you download it again, because you need it, and YOU CANT EVEN USE IT BC IT CRASHES WHAT



It is not possible to use the app. It crashes when you try to scan for screenshots.

This is one of the most useful apps I've seen in a while


This app has saved me money from having to upgrade to the next storage iPhone! I am a person who uses social media a lot, so I like to take lots of screenshots, almost 10 a day! And most of the time I forget about them! But anyways when I need storage I just open this app and clear it all out. This app also takes up VERY little room, which is very convenient, especially with iOS 9's upcoming feature to reduce the size of apps! Definitely recommend this to everyone with low storage! Especially the big screen-shotters!

Great App, now supports apple watch


Works great with lots of nice details.

I like it!!!


Wonderful app.



Apparently my fat wrists love to take screenshots on my Apple Watch. Thank Jah for this app! Can now kill all of them with just a touch of a button.



Apparently I take far too many screenshots. I love Screeny for helping me cull down—simple, easy interface and satisfying to boot!

Love it


Works great. Smart app.


Chuen Pak