Screeny 2.0 Reviews

4/5 rating based on 54 reviews. Read all reviews for Screeny 2.0 for iPhone.
Screeny 2.0 is paid iOS app published by ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited

Doesn’t preserve order


Downloaded this to remove live versions, but all it does is “duplicate as image” (creates a new image, dated today, at the end of your photo roll) which is already available in iOS. Apple says “refund not available”

Easiest way to clean out excess snapshots


Just tried this and found I had way too many screen snapshots. (OK, more than, umm, 1000.) This let me clean out many of them, recovering a lot of space. Nice.

doesnt Delete

Sad with this App

The app is horrible it doesnt even delete a single picture. Just a waste of money this App is



5 stars for originality, design, and functionality. Outsandingly simple yet useful and powerful! Thank you!

Free. Simple. Works.

Charlie Wood

I take lots of screenshots and am always irritated by them when I'm trying to find a photo to show someone. This app helped me delete all of them (except the one I wanted to keep) without any fuss. Nice!

Doesn't scan on 8.4 at all. Completely useless


This was a good app in 8.3 but now the app will hang forever when starting the scan when used on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.4 I've rebooted and reinstalled. Still nothing. So if you're running 8.4 STAY AWAY!!

App keeps crashing

ferocious tenderpie

After latest update the app keeps crashing. Please fix



As soon as the scan completes, crashes every time. Sounds like a cool app, wish it worked...

Great idea, but it crashes to often


I make a lot of screendumps on my iPad, and this app freed up a lot of space. But it crashes a lot. Really needs to get fixed.



Crashes as soon as I run it. Useless.