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Science Club — Best of Science News is free iOS app published by Move Fast UG (haftungsbeschr�nkt)

Great app


First started keeping up with this website a while ago. Great if you have a little free time and don't want to plague your mind with other pointless apps

Good news for science


It is good news information about science

Mr. D

Beans fish


Always New


I love the app. I read almost every article. It freezes sometimes, but it may be my phone? -although it stops at the same article when it freezes..(suggesting the app has some glitches)

I can't copy pages and send them as text.


I use to be able to copy article pages and paste them in texts and send them that way. But now I can only send them through email. Please fix this. I would really appreciate it, because the last 4 times I tried to send as email, the links did not work. And by the time I found out there was no way of going back to resend. Thank you for you time. Fix this and I will give this 5 stars.

Great Information!!!


I recommend for Science lovers.



I freaking love science!

You will love this


If you enjoy scientific news this is the app for you

Alas, a failure in key aspects! Look elsewhere...


The first, and biggest, problem is the interface! Rather than being given a scrolling list of headlines, as virtually every other news app provides, this is a stacked deck of cards, one per headline. You are forced to manually discard each card, *one* at a time, to see what the other stories are! That is just poor design. If you want to go back, you again have to go back *one* card at a time. A scrolling list is faster, easier, and just plain works better. There are also no categories for the stories! Just one single stack of 50 stories! Again, that's a poor design. Most science aficionados have pet areas of interest--archeology, astronomy, physics, biomedicine, etc. and would like to jump to them. Once one gets to a story, you'll discover that the text is small, hard to read, and lacks resizing controls. If you can't read the news, then what's the point of providing it?! The app has no settings, whatsoever! Finally, there is NO offline reading! The app neither downloads or caches the stories, so you are stuck if away from Wi-Fi. It's free to download, so it's easy to try it; perhaps these things won't bother you or, if you start with very low expectations, the app may work for you. We deleted it. ADDENDUM The interface issues run deeper. You discard stories by flipping the card up, but you are unable to use a slide down motion to go back! You have to tap the back arrow ( hit it just right) or--get this--SHAKE YOUR PHONE! Well, we're hardly going to shake a $300-800 device and risk it flying across the room! Sometimes, instead of the next story, you get a card that reminds you that you can shake the phone to go back! A waste of a card and our time. Don't bother quitting the app and relaunching to get back to the top. In testing this, I was on headline #31 (the count goes backwards from 50--a weird order) about how grey squirrels came to the UK. I wanted to return to a story about the reasons the Earth is NOT flat, in the first 10, somewhere in the 40s. I quit and relaunched and ended up at #31 without a way of ever getting back to the previous stories! Bad design, that, too and frustrating.

Science club app


One of my favorite apps ever! Up-to-the-minute topical relevant. The live fire up of the fusion reactor in Germany blew my senior citizen mind!!!