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Science Club — Best of Science News is free iOS app published by Move Fast UG (haftungsbeschr�nkt)

Great articles but...


The app is very informative and interesting, I like the articles in presents. It really keeps me up to date on a variety of topics involving science. My only issue is the user interface, it is a bot hard to navigate, having trouble finding the home screen and how to sign in or create an account. I am still able to read all the articles but cannot comment. Its is also a bit hard to scroll and the text keeps switching sizes/fonts on me when I navigate to a different article. Other than those issues, a great app to stay connected to the science community.



Very interesting articles



This app is amazing

Awesome app!!


Great app with interesting articles. I'm a big fan!!

Love this

Eric Luke

Love this app, easy way to pass the time

Interesting stuff


Love this app

Love this app


Easy to use. Great stories

Great for quick reading


Got a few minutes? Read an article or two. Has just the right amount of information, but I would like to see more source references at the bottom of the page



Just recently discovered that IFLS had an app and I was so excited! Now I check it every chance I get

Awesome variety


This is the news I like to read, great variety and decent depth of coverage. Interesting format.