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Add Spooky Ghosts To Your Photos!

*Including: zombies, ghostly apparitions, tortured
souls, and more!

Check some testimonials:

Cool *****

by Saraleh77 - Version 1.2 - Jan 21, 2014

This such a cool app. Great way to freak people out!

Fun for ghost hunters *****

by colestreet222 - Version 1.1 - Dec 23, 2013

This is a great app for pranking friends who are really into ghosts or ghost hunting. You can add ghosts to any pics and you can take pics right in the app and share them with friends immediately.

***Here's all you have to do***

1. Download the Ghost Camera Prank app to
your device.

2. Take a photo of yourself or a friend, or grab
one from your own photo library.

3. Begin the fun! Choose the ghost that best
matches the photo you took and add it in!

4. Now you're ready to show the world, Share it on
Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, email it to all of your
friends, share it on Instagram and save it to your
camera roll from right within your app!

5. Rinse and repeat! - Do it all over again with a new photo :-)

Prank your friends by taking their picture and adding a
realistic ghost in the photo behind them

It only takes about 30 seconds to customize, but you'll
be laughing for a lot longer :-)

The app has a lot of ghosts you can use for free and also some packages
availables after purchase if you desire enjoy even more.

Here's just some of the features of Ghost Camera Prank

* Pick out a lot of realistic and scary ghosts to add
to your picture, there is one for every occasion!

* Watch your Facebook likes, shares and comments
skyrocket when your friends see the image you created

* Keep an eye on how many retweets and replies you
get after you tweet one of your hilarious creations

* Email it to yourself or your friends directly from the
app so you can entertaint them right from their inbox

* Share it on Instagram and have your followers
instantly see your new cool creation

* Save it directly to your camera roll so you can share
via iMessage, text or just so you can look back at it to
make yourself laugh over and over again :-)

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Abdullah Ibn Thomas



It is what it is, but as an investigator, I don’t care much for apps like this. They do help immeasurably to weed out fakes.

Not telling my name

This is so cool and I enjoy using it

The Best Muse

Pretty damm Kool


So easy to use! Great quality. I’m having a lot of fun scaring my friends

Fun prank
Mister E -42

Easy to use- fun to play with

Great app
alison backer

I love this app it doesn’t really look real but once you put it on a photo it looks really real recommend it

The best game

I think it’s the best like i pranked my friends so much now they know it’s a prank this never gets old I love it and thanks for making it

bells litty

Amazing app guyssss!!!!

It’s ok
hannah conn

I have pranked my teenage kids with it and they believe me for a second but shortly after they knew it was fake but the ghost are to dark I it makes it obvious