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Scary Farmer in Horror House

You are coming with your friends to visit the village town and farmhouse but unfortunately, they lost during the trip. There is a rumor that this creepy area is under spelled of a scary farmer and no one is welcomed here.
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There is a horror farmhouse. Let’s dare to enter the house to find your friend that got trapped by the creepy farmer. You have to find the escape way out and don’t be afraid during survival missions and. Search the clues, keys and open the rooms where your mates are locked. Take your mates and get out of the spelled farmhouse.
Escaping from the traps of dogs and patrolling farmers. Be Brave!
In this horror house of a scary farmer, you have to dodge the CCTV cameras when you enter into the creepy land. During survival mission, you have to overcome the many obstacles and complete the several dangerous tasks. Being undetected won't easy as there are dogs and cameras to locate any unwanted visitors.
• Full of Mysterious Journey.
• Interesting and Scary Missions.
• Direction and Hints.


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