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Are you saving for a house deposit, new car, holiday, household bill etc or putting money aside just in case?
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Finance Free Moneybudgie Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Get 'Savings Goals - Free' and track your progress when saving. You enter a target amount and an optional target date by which you want to save this amount and the app suggests a savings schedule and tracks your progress.

◆ Use a Target Date and the App will :
√ Calculate the Amount you need to save per Month/Week to reach your Goal by the Target Date
√ Calculate when you will reach your Goal if you save a certain amount per Month/Week
√ Produce a Savings Schedule showing when to add to your savings to reach your Goal

◆ Features a graphical display to show :
√ How much you have saved as a proportion of your Target
√ How close you are to your Target Date
√ Whether you are behind or ahead of schedule

◆ Customisable to suit your needs :
√ Save for any purpose! Name your Goal yourself
√ Saving Time Periods (per week/month etc) are fully customisable
√ Turn on Secure Entry to lock the App with an Entry Code if required

Get Savings Goals, keep track of your savings and save more !


yugi and yami

This is the best app every!!! I have look for a little for a savings app and this is the one

This app is perfect!!
addi <3

This app has helped me manage my savings! Unlike other apps this one was waaay less complicated. Great app!!

Way too loud

I like the app but it’s too freaking loud. It’s annoying to use because of the sounds. It’s too loud and the sounds are annoying. There isn’t a support option or any settings to turn it down.


I was looking for an app like this. I love how it doesn’t need any info and you can just check to see how much money you have. ;~)

Great but too many ads

This app is just what I was looking for but there’s too many ads. That’s my only complaint


This app is just what I was looking for! I needed a simple way to organize my financial saving goals and all of the other apps I tried were either not free or much too complicated. Thank you!


I love it

It's ok

It's ok I really like it except I wanted to track what dates I add money and take out money and it doesn't show that anywhere.

Too loud!

I love this app! It’s great to watch the money add up but it’s too loud. I have even turned off the sound on my phone. I have had no luck finding a sound in the settings either.

Simple easy to use

I love this app. It is simple to use.

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