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This is an app extension allowing you to compress/zip and save files from almost any app that works with files to any file provider installed on your device.
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So, what if you want to :

• compress and send a Voice Memo to your Dropbox account
• save a file attached to an Evernote note to Onedrive
• group multiple photos together and send them to your Dropbox account while preserving your precious mobile data account quota
• send a file stored in Google Drive to

• or, more generally, send a file from an app to any cloud storage provider registered on your device

Obviously "Save to Cloud" is here to help :-) If a cloud service appears in the document providers pane on your device, it can be used.

• our app extension uses the document providers installed on your device. So, if you want to send something to, say, Dropbox, you need to have the official Dropbox app installed and configured on the device.
• files cannot be sent without compression. So, basically, even if you want to send a single file, you'll end up with a zip archive. If you absolutely need to send uncompressed files you'll have to rely on the apps provided by the cloud providers.

1. Open an app that use files - like Photos, Voice Memos, Mail, Evernote, Google Drive and many, many more
2. With one ore more files selected, tap on the "Share" button, if the app has one
3. After the share extensions sheet appears, tap on the "Share to Cloud" icon (first time only, one needs to allow "Share to Cloud" to appear by tapping the "More" button and putting the selector next to "Share to Cloud" to On)
4. "Share to Cloud" will compress the files (it may last a while, depending on the size of the files)
5. When the compression is done, choose the cloud provider where you want to save the archive from the list
6. Done :-)

In-App Purchase
There is a 5 files limit to how many files can be compressed and uploaded at once.
If you need more, there is an In-App Purchase that lifts the limitation. Think of it as nice way to keep us happy while we improve the app.

To buy it, simply open the "Save to Cloud" app, go the the last screen and hit "Buy"


iap bought
Yiyu Zhou

allow more than 5 files in one archive


What’s the point of the app being free of your just going to have to pay a fee of 2 dollars? Might as well just make this whole app cost money. ?

Very Limited

Unfortunately, the app seems to function in only a few select apps, all of which already save to Apple Files, so I am not sure what it is supposed to offer! I was hoping it would allow me to save from a web browser, but it does not.

Crashes every time
o SOMN o

The developer site is completely empty of information and content and it completely fails every time I try to use it I regret upgrading the app after seeing the developer site

in-app purchase
mobin ovs

i purchased the app but nothing happened and still it is limited.i restore purchased but nothing happened again

Great app but...

Thank you. Please add 2 features: 1. Save mp3 files from iMessage (now I can save jpg, pdf, but I can't save mp3 files) 2. Add option: save files to cloud without any compression (save files as is, without compressing to zip)

Fix it
Lilo0o <3<3

I downloaded the app but it says if you want to unlimit it purchase it but then the only option is to buy so there is no if!! You have to purchase it in order to make the app work

Does what it says.

This is a really good app to get your videos, photos, voice memos, etc. in the iCloud Drive from your iPhone. It doesn't work with EVERYTHING but if you're smart, you can get a PDF converter app and then upload that to the iCloud Drive. ?????? I just wish it had tips or more in-depth. Please make a Mac version. Thank you!

Very polished

Very polished app. Looks great on the iPad. Because it leverages Apple's document picker, you don't have to login and grant this app access your cloud storage. Be aware that your file(s) are zipped prior to upload to your cloud storage account.

dosnt work

hi ... i paid for this app . but it dosnt work yet and i see the " buy it " message .... whats to do ???

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