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Sander's Loop Turret Defense

Sander's Loop is a turret defense game that has a handful of interesting new turrets. Use your turrets to eliminate the enemies without losing all your lives. Your turrets can help you gain lives and destroy your enemies. You can even zap multiple enemies at once with the Chain Turret by stringing them together.
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Games $0.99 Bryan Van Havryk iPhone, iPad, iPod

Just in case you have never played a turret defense game, here are some basic instructions/tips:

1) Tap on an open grid.
2) Pick a turret that you want to build on the grid.
3) The turrets fire themselves so there is no need to aim them, just let them do their magic.
4) Keep track of your money in the top left corner. Your lives are in the top right corner.
5) Turrets cost money to place and to upgrade, and you get money by killing enemies.
6) Upgrading a turret can give you a big advantage. To do so, tap on a turret that is already placed and tap the up arrow.
7) You can also sell turrets by taping on them and taping the coin symbol. You won't get all your money back in most cases.
8) If your lives drops to zero you lose.
9) Try placing a combination of turrets. You won't get very far if you only build one type.
10) Your money doesn't stay with you from level to level, so spend it ALL!!
11) USE THE HEAL TURRETS!! You won't beat all the levels without using them.
12) Have fun!!!


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