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SalesVu is the only free iPhone and iPad POS app that addresses all the needs of small and medium businesses – retail, restaurants, and professional services!
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SalesVu offers unlimited product/service items and modifiers, unlimited tax brackets, discount tracking, email/print receipts, inventory control, barcode scanning, employee clock-in, cash management, cloud-based multi-store/employee management and reporting, customer history, email invoices, automated recurring billing, decimal quantities, split checks, open tabs, adjust tips, kitchen/bar printing, online ordering, and more!

SalesVu also offers the ability to accept/track cash, check, gift card, and credit card transactions. Our credit card processing partners offer one free card reader and low processing rates.

“I recently switched from Square to SalesVu and it is the best point of sale and mobile payment solution I’ve ever seen…One of my favorite things about the SalesVu app is the ability to get on the cloud and control everything. You can change your prices, add a product, all in a matter of seconds.”
- Brian, Brian’s Brew

"At the end of the day, it is a simple five-minute operation to synchronize sales, check employee hours and look at our inventory. SalesVu is a great asset in helping us keep track!”
- Geza Csuros, Owner, The Lilly Pad Village

“SalesVu's iPhone and iPad POS software are a life saver for my business! It allows us track our customers' history and payments, configure and send invoices right from a smartphone, automate billing for clients who are on a monthly subscription plan, track sales over time by type of service or by employee, and get the same rate whether we swipe or manually type our clients' credit cards.”
- Dave Manzer, Public Relations

“We love the fact that we can open a tab from one iPad POS, edit it on another, and collect payment on a third. We also save on printer costs because all the iPads can print to the same receipt, kitchen, or bar printers and intelligently know what to print to each one. SalesVu allows us to manage and close multiple shifts per day, adjust tips at the end of each shift, have different employees and bartenders ring-up tickets under separate logins, and even split checks for large parties.”
- Marissa Abramson, Bar Manager, Dolce Vita


Great app
dr zhivago (The real one)

good business feature set ,especially for payment information from customers ,i do like tnis program,it's cool

Great App for my business

Love all the features this app has, i can manage payments, check status of sales, automatically email receipts to my customers and so much more! Highly recommended app for business owners.

Nice App

I really like this app it's easy to use, less expensive as far as transactions goes and its cool, I like also the fact that it's fast.

This is the app I been waiting for.

This App makes life easier. The features are simple. I would recommend this app to any business owner. Great app overall.

Same old same old

Yes the rates are better then square but what they fail to mention is they have hidden fees they wanted to charge 35% on top of the 2.5% they said it will come out of every batch untill I get to like 2 k put back then I'll get it back when I close out the merchant account! Really? Why do they do that if they were not getting anything extra out of it?

Clear Winner!
Lily's Kittens

Really appreciate Salevu's support. Been looking for a POS for months. I have downloaded and tried many, but within minutes of downloading Salesvu, they were the clear winner. Having the ability to work on mobile devices including Apple products was the icing on the cake. Thank you!!! Janice

Best sales app Ever for international POS

I'm not living in US, but with these app I'm running my business, my only suggetions is that sales report doesn't need flash player so you can see it in you iOS device

Keyboard on iPod touch

The keyboard on my ipod touch will NEVER go away. Prevents me from ever making a sale pr scrolling through items. Otherwise its good.

Sales Vu doesn't want vacation rental business

Wow, what a waste of time. I have to wonder how many of the positive reviews are real. I recently hit the Square $2100/wk in keyed in transactions ceiling and turned to salesvu. They strung me along for days, asked for two years of tax returns, then told me my vacation rental business is "not supported as a line of business with our company". Would have been nice if they had mentioned that before wasting hours of my time! I'm a licensed Realtor Broker working for a company that has been in business 15 years. I have online listings of my rentals with 5 star reviews. I've never had a problem with a rental. Maybe this app is great if you can get though the lengthly application and review process and are lucky enough to get accepted. But for vacation rental business don't waste your time - pick square. They raised my ceiling by $1000 within two days so I'm back with them.

Waste of time

I own a small business and pursued SalesVu for my mobile payment company due to their rates and ratings. However, I found them to be a very difficult and inflexible company to deal with. The application process was tedious and the amount of personal and private information that SalesVu wanted was unreasonable. I wasted more than an entire day of my time filling out applications, attaching additional statements and requirements, and in the end, the sales rep was in a hurry to get off of the phone. The next morning my business partner and I went online and took less than a half hour to be completely set up and ready to go with Square Up. If your time is worth something, and you want to retain your personal finance and IRS information for your own protection, you should avoid the brain damage of spending hours and hours trying to put together a deal with SalesVu. Our business is actually happy that SalesVu was so difficult, because we went with Square Up and are very satisfied.

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