Salecalc for eBay Calculator Reviews

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Salecalc for eBay Calculator is free iOS app published by Salecalc, LLC

Needs “Promoted” Ad Rate option


Otherwise, this is a handy app!

Doesn’t seem to calculate costs correctly

Ep. IV

I inputted that something cost me $60. The app was telling me that for me to break even I’d have to list my item for $59.63... I’m already at a loss and we haven’t even thrown in shipping costs, eBay fees and PayPal fees.

Great app!


Please update calculation for eBay cost and Paypal for year 2020!

Saves me time!


I LOVE this app. ❤️ It saves me so much time. Instead of me writing down cost of goods, percentages, profits, etc...the app does it for me! Woooo more wasting time writing down mupliple equations, the app figures it out for u. Thxs 4 such a great, useful app! 😘



Love the app, very helpful, nice design!

The best app out there. Except...


...I only wish I could disable the eBay stuff. This app is perfect for all online sellers with an e-store. No other app out there does what this does. I looked and tried them all. I only wish the eBay option was optional. I only sell on my website. No eBay.

Best app out there for Fee calc!


I love this app. It gives you a perfect breakdown of your fees including shipping, PayPal, and eBay fees per category! Great job!

Thank you so much!


Super fast app, great update!!!

Exactly what I've been searching for!


I'm absolutely loving this app! I've been working the hard way figuring out if the profit I'm making is worth the time and effort put into it.. With this app I can see exactly how much I'd make on each sale and know beforehand if it will pay off! Instead of buying something to resell only to find out afterwards it wasn't worth all the hassle. Thanks for this app!

Excellent App; Works exactly as advertised!


This app is amazing! I love it because it works exactly as advertised… You enter in all your costs and expenses and it computes your expected profit amount and profit margin, etc. It it will also give you a breakdown of fees charged by eBay and PayPal along with percentages compared to your sales. I've been looking for like like this for ages and I finally found it. I do wish it would allow me to pay a one time fee in order to get rid of ads though. Keep up the good work!

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