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Sakura Shopping Simulator 3D

The shopping time is here. Pick up yourself bag it and roam around supermarket shop to buy the best for you. This Virtual supermarket simulator game is one of the best simulator games you have ever played. help your anime girl find what she wants for herself.
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Games Usman Habib iPhone, iPad, iPod

Wake up in the morning and choose the best clothes for your anime character. Enjoy the exquisite environments as you drive through busy city life to reach the supermarket. Meet your friends there and visit each shop. Complete different objectives in this game to score and win rewards. Go to different food stalls and eat what you like from there.

This game also comes with a twist of fighting. You come across a rival girl who is very famous among people of your age. You have to fight her to win the final showdown to receive praise from other people.

Download this new game and live the best life of an anime girl!


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