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Route words, the ultimate, fast paced, highly addictive word puzzle game which will challenge your wits and word knowledge to all new levels!
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Games Free Neil King iPhone, iPad, iPod

This game is a challenge of vocabulary, wit and tenacity which is unrivalled on iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad. The game itself consists of a grid of tiles, each comprising a single letter, your goal as the player is to use as many of the available letters to form words. To achieve high scores, you will need to try and submit the longest words possible using the biggest combo's you can.

Combo's are accumulated for sequential tiles on the board following consecutively in the word, these tiles are indicated by a blue coloured tile instead of the default green selection tile. Combo's will also provide point multiplier tiles that can be used to score seriously big!.

Ideal for those times when you need some stimulation! Great for whiling away the commute and all those other times where you have some time to kill! (Commuting, waiting, boredom are all excellent opportunities)

Why not give it a try now? (It's free after all!)

Simply make as many words as you can using tiles from anywhere on the board.
Turn on the pressure bar in the options for an additional challenge!


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