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Roulette 3D - FREE Las Vegas Casino Style Multiplayer Roulette Game is free iOS app published by YESGNOME GAMING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED

Good way to burn some time

Paulieg 52

Easy game to play ! Kills some time at DMV or doctors office while you wait .

Awesome Game

E. Simpson

Great practice

About as good as it gets, but that isn’t saying much


What JUNK!!! The second you increase the bet, you will lose more often than not until it completely cleans you out. Another issue I see with is that occasionally, the ball just appears in a slot without going through the spin process. It doesn't happen all the time and is infrequent, but it is annoying. Im not sure why any developer cannot make a game where the win rate is similar to what you find in a casino. Losing 32/34 rolls in a row while betting half the wheel in a row (2 through 1 on the wheel) is just unacceptable. And in this case, I purchased chips, so I lost ACTUAL money!!! Its just junk, so move on.

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Jahnari Tetther

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Love the game!!!

Jus's Garden

Enjoy this gaming. So user friendly!!!

Took my money


I enjoyed the game but tonight I accepted an offer for points for a low price. My paypal acct was charged but no points were added. When I tried to send a message to customer support, it just says ‘message failed’. Be careful you might get ripped off

Slow game

Todd white

This game has glitches, is slow & has a max outside bet of only $2500 chips. It gets a little frustrating to play a game that only allows penny bets. But its better than what I could design,

Great Graphic || Fix Glitch


The game’s overall development is great. My only issue is when the roulette wheel freezes and takes your entire bet!

Total cheating junk

Abbey rose 6789

Absolutely garbage wheel is rigged,waste of time

Roulette 3D


I just started but it seams so fun

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