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Romantic Journey Love Story - Road Trip with Crush

Welcome to Road Trip Love Story!
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Games Free Bluebell Lush Interactive Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Play the main character in this adventure story, as you and your best friend, Gigi, travel across the country in her convertible SUV to get to the most happening music festival of the season! You’re taking a break from your studies in photography and along the way, you might just find love!
The excitement begins when handsome and funny Max from your English class tags along and you find yourself feeling more than just friendship for him! Along the way, you also meet biology researcher Carter, who’s outdoorsy and cute! When Carter joins your caravan to California, you start to wonder which boy is right for you!
Your trip will be full of adventure as you learn more about the guys, visit roadside attractions, go camping and try to solve the mystery of the figure that keeps following you...
Make choices, learn about nature and fall in love on the Road Trip of a lifetime!
Product Features:
DRESS UP in athletic and camping gear
GO ON DATES with the guys – Romance and Adventure will follow!
HANG OUT WITH YOUR BFF and be a good friend
How to Play:
Tap to pick clothes and makeup
SWIPE to apply cosmetics
Tap to progress through the game and talk to your friends!
It’s time to pack your camping supplies, your festival ticket and hit the dusty trail on your quest for love!
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The game is okay but it could be better.

The boss animation

Always love bluebell lushes stories! So romantic! I loved the story so much, that I played it all in only two days. I would like a teenager story. Like high school. With like 14year olds. With a girl keeping her love secret until the end and she just cant keep it in anymore.

Lizzy Hughes

Y'all should write a emo/gothic/punk/skater love story

Lit game

It's lit Make a new one we're our character is a mermaid and we fall in love with either merman or a human

Sage Horton

You guys should write a country love story with horses and such!!

Lola Trancy

I would love to see a story about a girl who fosters a hurt wolf pup, but she doesn't know that the wolf could shape shift into a human due to a curse. The guy has dog ears and a wolffish personality. He and the girl grow really close and build a close friendship. He eventually tells the girl about his curse, and they look for a way to reverse it. The only way is true loveeee. And for the other character, one of her childhood friends could tag along with her. He has a big crush on her, but plays it off by being flirtatious with girls.


I always loved playing these game cause there was always a choice if u wanted a black or white female player. But when this game didn't have that option I immediately deleted the game. I just wished there was more diversity for people of color , or Hispanics, Native American, asians, and African Americans. Otherwise this came is really fun, I re-downloaded the game after. But more diversity would be nice

Make more story's

I love all your story's I read every single one. And my favorite is the twins LOVED IT!

Great game

This is a really good game,an idea could be to live at the racetrack and fall in love with a jockey


I love these stories so much. There amazing. I really want a story where they are in high school and best friends start to like you. But your sister likes one of them and it creates a big twist.