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Rogue Touch is based on the classic dungeon crawler Rogue. This famous turn based adventure-RPG has been re-designed from the ground up for easy touch screen gaming, no crazy keyboard commands or dozens of hard to learn gestures here! Rogue Touch is so simple a child can play, but still offers deeply strategic gameplay and literally hundreds of hours of fun and replay value!
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Games $2.99 Kevin Hill iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your mission is simple: Explore the Dungeons of Doom while trying to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor... Descend into the depths, find and identify strange and powerful items... Learn how to use your pack full of equipment effectively against increasingly dangerous monsters. Few have made it out alive with the Amulet. Do you have what it takes?

If you liked games such as Torneko / トルネコ / Taloon or Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (Chunsoft) you have to play Rogue Touch! (Rogue is the great-grandfather of these games and spawned an entire genre of "roguelikes" over nearly 30 years).


"Rogue Touch is really a dream-come-true for fans of the genre. It's an impressive adaptation of a true classic." - Blake Patterson,

"You won’t find a better version of Rogue on the iPhone" - Eric March,

"Rogue Touch is now easily the definitive Rogue app for the iPhone/Touch platform. Buy this game now if you haven’t already" - Swain Valasek,

"For a great and fun dungeon crawl that plays out like an old D&D solo adventure, Rogue Touch is the only way to go! " - Bob,

100% Anti-Krapps certified! -


Rogue Touch features:
- Random dungeon layouts and items: no two games are ever the same!
- Graphical, animated actions, special monster attacks, traps, and more.
- Ambient background dungeon sounds, or play your own iPod music while gaming.
- Auto-mapping feature with map overlay (including locations of doors, stairs, monsters and items)!
- Streamlined inventory-item-action system for simple touch gameplay. Read scrolls, Drink potions (or throw them at your enemies!) and much more with a clear, simple interface.
- Movement/Attacking is handled with classic touch control or a virtual D-Pad for single handed gaming on the go.
- Dedicated on-screen buttons for both "resting" to heal your character, and "searching" to find traps and secret doors.
- Auto save system records your progress upon exiting the game so you can resume exactly where you left off next time you play.
- All of the monsters and items as seen in the Rogue ports of the mid 1980s, plus *many* new items!
- Secret characters to discover and play as, with powerful special equipment and abilities!
- Online Leaderboards with many ranking categories and statistics! View your rank at:

See the video at our website below, or view it on YouTube:

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New rogues- please read: All settings are available in the "Settings App". That's the icon with the little gears on your home screen. From there you can turn off our music and SFX to enable audio playback, D-pad controls, and more. Enjoy :)


Works poorly on an iPad
Il machinista

I had high hopes given the reviews. It did not live up to my memories of a rogue, long ago. All hype, no substance.

Like meeting an old friend

I first played this game in the early eighties. It’s plays better with all of the TLC this version has. The Amulet of Yendor is still on level 26, just like the old days. This is a steal foe $2.99. I do very few reviews, just five stars and one stars. Enjoy the game!

Love it but still has the lost stairs bug

Love it and have been playing it for several years. I like the upgrade, but just hit the most annoying bug from the old version - a level without stairs. No choice but to restart.

Still a Classic

I have played this game, in one form or another, for years and will continue to play as long as the developer maintains it. I am so grateful to him for the most recent update. I had put it down for a while, because it had become crashy. Now it’s like returning to an old friend. Cheers Kevin!

Old Timer

I am another old timer who played the original on floppy disk for countless hours back in the 80s. I believe it only had 13 levels down back then. I got to level 13 only once & never beat it. This game has brought back so many memories of my youth! Thankfully I’ve beaten this one several times, with special & generic characters. Always challenging, frustrating and changing...never the same twice. And I’m still finding new strategies to try. Love it, love it, love it!

Totally reminds me of NetHack from back in the day, but better.

This is NetHack but better. Better controls, better graphics and better overall but doesn’t loose the true feel of that game. I played countless hours of NetHack and I’m doing the same with RougeTouch. This is the version you want to be playing. Thank you for making this a reality. Well done!

Love it!

I picked this up a week ago, and love it! Not only have I not won, but I haven’t even come close. But my defeats have been glorious. If I could add one feature, it would be the ability to go back up a floor. I usually die because I clear a level and am forced lower and lower before I’ve had time to really armor myself up. Being able to ascend dungeon levels would let me spend some more time getting stronger before heading into more danger.


Slow and glitchy, probably because the devs haven't updated in forever. No menu, no game restart, no tutorial, and it won't let me listen to outside audio. The game itself seems fun but the app is pretty much unplayable.

Apple Watch

Great game it would be cooler if it was on the Apple Watch as well!!!

Back to the dungeon!!

This is very faithful to the Rogue I was playing in the mid-80s. The touch version is the same feeling I felt when moving from the green text on black screen with an IBM PC to the Amiga version! I'm looking forward to the next upgrade. Now, if I can just find some enchanted leather armor and a rign of slow digestion.... Get away from me you stupid pack of slimes!!