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More games, more players, more possibilities every day. If you can imagine a game, you can play it here. Dragons? Dinosaurs? Zombies? Zombie Dinosaurs? They’re all here. Anything we don’t have yet, we’ll have soon. Why? Because all the games on ROBLOX are created by players like you. In fact, your fellow gamers have already made millions of games, with more appearing every day. In short, expect the amazing. Expect the unexpected. Expect everything, except limits.


With hundreds of thousands of players online at any time, you’ve always got good company on ROBLOX. Team up with fellow gamers. Make friends. Build your own gamer group. And no matter what’s on your mind (new ideas, old ideas, questions, tacos) you can discuss it with the community.

- play paintball with your friends
- run a pizza shop
- find hidden treasures
- battle forces of evil
- outmaneuver enemy jets
- battle pirates
- race opponents through obstacle courses
- combat zombies
- star in a fashion show
- play hide and seek


ROBLOX is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased with real money. A network connection is required to play and ROBLOX games work best over wifi.


Login to your existing Roblox account and play on the go!


ROBLOX is a fun place to be interested in

But why just why did you have to delete Pokémon universe

Best app ever
archery battle

Ok I know this app might seem a little stressful at times but it is actually really fun and you can make at most 200 friends! And play a LOT of games! And you can chat with people on the app the only thing I pretty much don’t like in the whole app is that you can only put 5 or 6 people in group chats and your reports don’t do anything and also at least for me when I play a laggy game it freezes and I have to redownload roblox or if I’m lucky it goes to the home screen and I can go back in roblox without a problem but over all this app is amazing! Thank you roblox for this enjoyable experience!

annjlm k vjkj

I love this game. It’s awesome you can make friends, play games, get badges, do events, dislike games, like games and favorite games!!!!!! I only played this game for a few months and it is awesome!!!!!!!

I want my robux back

So recently project Pokemon got deleted and i used at least 3000 robux on that game since it’s deleted I didn’t get my robux btw my account name is ExtremeGamerPig

I have a HUGE request plz read this!

So I don’t use some of my stuff that I bought with robux cause I don’t want it. I now think it was a huge waste of robux. So what you should be able to do is sell that stuff for robux. This is a lot to ask but plz think about it. (Also plz let us turn player points into robux I don’t get what there for lol!)

Roblox is amazing!

Basically, I played every since 2016. But I love it! I wanna thank everyone who supports Roblox. They made it a awesome game for everyone around the globe can play! Please respond on how you can make it better and better do more people could play your amazing game!


I have been playing for a long time now and all of the sudden it just starts glitching all the time it’s super annoying;.

You need to fix this

Recently got hacked and now I’m trying to recover my account(witch I did- and I can spell lol-) but the hacker won’t give me the four digit pin to reset my account, it’s very frustrating and I would hope roblox would have a plan for things like this, that’s the only reason I’m rating 3 stars


The games are always full, for example when I try to join my brothers game and the server has a 4/5 on it it always says it's full


I can’t update it cause I have to pay money to pls don’t make me!