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Rizon - Your Golden Hour Companion

Rizon is the easiest way to get access to precise Golden Hour data in the palm of your hand—anywhere in the world. Find the best time to take photos outdoors with your new shooting companion.
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Plan the perfect photography shoot in advance for any date in the future by simply rotating Rizon’s clock. You can plan for other locations too! Search and add a custom location—all while offline—great for when you have no data.

Never miss Golden Hour with Rizon’s Repeat Reminders. Choose when you’d like to be reminded and let Rizon do the rest. The set-and-forget style reminders are perfect to keep you motivated to get outside every day. Alternatively, set a Quick Reminder for the next Golden Hour, or get finer control with a custom date.

* Rotatable 24hr clock face displaying sections of light
* Golden Hour, Twilight, Daylight, and Moonlight
* See data for any date in the future
* Repeat Reminders (set-and-forget)
* Quick Reminders (one-off)
* Current and Saved Offline Locations
* No internet connection required
* Option to display time in 12 or 24 hours
* Today extension

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App dead

No iPhone X update. Apps dead.

Well done!

This app is a great idea and well executed! i love the interactions and the reminders about golden hour coming up.

Simply Perfect

This is all you need for a quick, simple view of the major daily light changes in your location. I like the alerts too. Nicely designed and executed!


On top of being a particularly good looking app it's also perfect for a landscape and outdoor photographer who wants that ideal sunlight! It works perfectly for my applications and I am very satisfied with it!


So easy to use, and you don't need to be on location to figure out your shooting times!

I'm a pro, this is great!

The app is very clean and professional. I can't wait to use it in the field. Not only does it take the guess work out of when the best time to shoot is, I can tell it will be a valuable tool for planing photo shoots ahead of time. Thanks

Worst Interface Ever

They are only giving you 5 sets of times: Daylight, Twilight, Moonlight, and both Golden Hours. All you need is 5 rows with the start and end times and where the current time falls. That’s it. Instead they give you a circle that doesn’t relate in any way to the clock, and they don’t differentiate between AM or PM or give you 24 hour times. You move the wheel around to figure out which one comes after moonlight to know it’s the morning golden hour and which one comes after daylight. When you open it the current time is at the 12 O’Clock position. This is probably the worst user interface I have ever seen and I was a programmer for years. Again, all you need is 5 rows with all the times and which row the current time is in. This wheel is quite possibly the most over coded piece of nonsense ever.

Almost perfect

Love the app but wish it had the ability to let me know things like the supermoon on Saturday, which affects and is of interest to photographers.

great idea, poor interface

As a photographer and traveler, it's great to have a quick app that shows the golden hour, sunrise, and sunset times in current + alternate locations, but the interface on this app is confusing. What does the dot represent? AM? PM? I could never figure it out. Does the circle represent the sky or a clock? It just feels like you're turning it around and around without guidance as to what information you're actually receiving. I'd love to see a reworked version of this app with clear AM/PM or a 24-hour clock option, and a more thoughtful UI. Close, but not quite there.


I like the idea but the UI is confusing. Is it a clock? How do I know am or pm? Why can't I set the wheel how I want it? If they fixed that, I would give 5 stars.