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Ringo: Low cost calls

Ringo lets you make low-cost local and international calls without using the Internet (WiFi or 3G). You can call any mobile or landline phone number anywhere in the world. Now talk to your heart's content without worrying about phone bills or internet connectivity.
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Get the lowest calling rates with Ringo. Our prices are 25% lower than most other calling apps.

Calling rates for customers in the US
* Call Canada for 0.3 cents/min
* Call Mexico for 2.5 cents/min
* Call UK for 1.5 cents/min

Calling rates for customers in the UK
* Call US for FREE - 0.00 pence/min
* Call India for 0.5 pence/min
* Call Germany for 1.9 pence/min

Calling rates for customers in INDIA
* Call US for ₹0.76/min
* Call Bangladesh for ₹1.63/min
* Call UAE for ₹8.76/min

* For calling rates from your country, please visit the Ringo website.

Why Ringo?
* Lowest Pricing - 25% cheaper than other apps.
* You don't need the internet to make phone calls.
* Make good old high quality calls. No call drops or choppy voice.
* Friends don't need to download the app for you to call them.
* No monthly commitment - you pay-as-you-go.

Your first call is free!
Download Ringo now and make your first call for free. No credit card required for free call.

Questions or Feedback?
* Drop us a mail: [email protected]
* Catch us on http://facebook.com/ringocall or http://twitter.com/ringocall


Excellent service

This is an excellent Tel service works good from USA to India

Excellent app

I called PERU almost every day and calls never fail, connections are perfect 99.9% of the time. Ringo is my main international call provider. I wish it could make calls within the States so I could call back home when overseas.

Now not working at all

I used this app for years but now I don’t know what happened it’s not working at all .i do have some balance too but can’t able to use that Totally not in working now

Unable to restore
Prudhvi Vahan

I’ve changed my device, Now unable to restore. I do not receive OTP for restoring my account.

Verification code

I was trying to contact some one to help me out, I am not able to get verification code to my phone !!

Not able to verify my number

I have shifted to a new mobile device and tried to install this app on it using my existing number. But I just don’t receive the verification sms anymore. Not able to get this working. I still have some balance in my account. Tried this app on another mobile device with different number and same issue. Is there sms server still working ?

I never received verification number

Don’t waste your time

Very happy with the service

Used this app for 7 years called Romania and Hong Kong often So far excellent service Thanks Ringo

Unreliable service and bad customer support

I used it for sometime and it was ok but recently I added some credits but i didn’t get full amount credits even though they emailed I had received credits for full amount. Later I changed my phone and tried to login, I never got their sms to verify my phone number and haven’t been able to login since. It’s more than a month now but I still can’t use my account that has the my money in it. The customer service is so pathetic that they are not able to solve it and take a week’s time to get back for every single response.. There are better services out there...

Waste of time , No customer support

Never make the app work. It’s not sending OTP, Customer support never responded.