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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

Wont load

Cotten candy princess

Good game but when i open the game it goes to the loading screen with the guy fishing then just freezes there ~ 1 star just because i cant play because it wont load

Doesn't work


It crashes I want my 2$ back!!!



A scam. I payed for the app and it leaves me at the loading screen.

Loading screen


I've heard a ton of great things about this game, and I've wanted to play it for a long time. But when I bought it and opened the app it got stuck in loading and it won't go any farther. Please help.

The greatest game of all time


Ridiculous Fishing. Ridiculous Fishing is by far the greatest game on the App Store, and has well earned its spot under the essentials section. While it can't boast a free download, after the small price is paid, there is no more monetizing. No ads, no in app purchases, no nothing. The entire game in under that one download button, and will it be the greatest download you will make, I can assure you. As you may have seen, the game looks pretty straightforward: you drop your lure as far as you can go, then pick up all the fish on the way up (avoiding jellyfish), and finally "shoot the gills off of them". While all this is true, the game goes much father below the surface of what it may look like. Between buying an arsenal of unique weapons, upgrades, outfits, and other items, the story developed by comical friends you've met in the social media "birdar", or trying to catch every species of fish (and some other things down in the waters...), one is certain to enjoy themselves playing as the soon-to-be master fisher, Billy. I have caught everything to be caught in this masterpiece of a game (except for you, steggo), and the journey was much beyond amazing, much beyond any human words the entire way. Whether you're the greatest fisher of all time, struggling to get even a nibble on your line, or don't even like fishing at all, you may be surprised as to how quickly one can become attached to this game.

Awful app


I never played the game, stuck on loading screen. I want a refund.

Can't even play it

Brie Romy

I know it's old but my phone isn't compatible with the game and I have a six. It just stays on the loading screen forever



This game is broken, it just hangs at the loading screen forever. I guess it is not compatible with the newer OS. I factory reset my phone and got it working but now it's broken again for no reason. It's been abandoned since 2013 anyways. The amount of success and the ability of the dev to care less is alarming. Vlambeer ????



Heard great things about this game on Reddit so I decided to purchase it. Well I still have yet to play it as it fails to load. I've tried reinstalling the app but it just doesn't load. And since there hasn't been an update since 2013 I guess I just wasted my money and time. They need to remove the app from the store.



That's as far as the game will go. The brown loading screen is as far as it goes. Cannot play. Refund or fix! Ridiculous!