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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer is free iOS app published by Ride with GPS LLC

Back in the saddle

Comet MACE

I haven't ridden in 30 years. This app makes riding fun again. There's lots of data collected that you can use to set goals for yourself and track your progress against them. There are several layers of complexity in the app. Planning, turn-by-turn, tracking, sharing. It's a great app for free - a better app for the upgrade.

Great app!


Just a great app for cycling. Does everything you could want. Integrates across all types of hardware. Flawless. Recent upgrade had tiny annoying bug where a pause popping incorrectly displayed. I contacted support and got an immediate and very professional response and it was fixed almost immediately. I'm a very heavy user and love it.

Love this app


I use this every ride! Love the turn by turn directions! Easy to map out rides! The only thing I would fix is when paused it still says you are moving in the MPH display no matter how long you are stopped. Best app on the market!

Dream Route Builder


I like to build bike routes on their site and RWGPS lets me know just how crazy I am being. Then I use the app to help follow my course. It allow me both to dream of doing great rides, figure out the logistics and keep me on track. Thanks RWGPS!

Not saving rides


The app started not saving rides on Friday. Not every ride but some rides it just doesn’t save.

Excellent Nav App


App worked really well on a ride in the boonies of Missouri. I couldn’t have followed the route well with a paper map. The audio cues worked very, very well. Excellent user experience design by development team.

Great new additions


Excellent navigation and the new elevation profile tools are super useful!

Best navigation and planning software there is


I use the online program to create very detailed maps and navigation routes. Sometimes quick and easy one too. I can organize entire bike packing trips for friends, down the routes to my phone, and have navigation in airplane mode the entire time. Very little battery drain if you don’t keep screen on all time. Highly recommend!



Is it support any other smart watch such as xiaumy band for example??

cool app with great route creating capabilities on web


great app on the iphone with really great functionality on the web, particularly related to creating routes. also really like the ability to search for routes created by other riders; can do that both in app and on web. easy to import / export data files.

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