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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer is free iOS app published by Ride with GPS LLC

Why won't this load on new iPad mini?


Works great on old MacBook Pro and on new Samsung s7, but won't load on Mini 4. What?

Fantastic App


This is a great app for using the routes on Ride with GPS. It is comparible to using Google Maps, but on your bike. If you are riding with a group on a ride, everyone should be using this app.

Unpaid is useless


There's freeware, adware then uselesware. This app is completely useless unless you are using the paid version so why even offer is as free with in app paid options? Strava and 10 others free apps are much better.

I'm a fan of this app!


Very useful for planning, tracking, and sharing bike routes in the city and also more remote locations. Map functions are precise. I've used for both cycling and running. Easy to navigate, save, and review data. Would highly recommend!

App did everything


I went to go ride a 500 mile dual sport ride and decided to only use this app instead of buying a gps. This app killed it. This app allowed me to upload a gpx file to it and then translate that into turn by turn directions. It also allowed me to input my own directions when there were no roads. At one point I knew I needed to ride through a forest that wasn't a road and it helped me get through there. Also I used it on an old phone that wasn't hooked up to any cell service, just a gps signal. I was able to download the maps for offline use and just use my old beater phone for my trip. I loved the feature of being able to break a huge 500 mile ride up into three segments for the three days I was out riding. And the app was fast enough to keep up with my motorcycle. The only thing I wish was that the directions list when on a ride, at the bottom below the map, was a little bigger. Or maybe even if just how many miles left to the next turn was more visible. Also, I feel like the ride with gps guys idea of a "sharp turn" is very very broad and used instead of just a "turn" this was confusing at some five way stops. It would consider say a right at an intersection a sharp turn and not just a turn. Will with out a doubt be using this software again for my new trip. I feel no need to invest in a fancy gps now. Thanks a ton dudes!!!!!

Very useful app


Like the offline mapping features a week a the many stats.

Nice improvements


It's a bit clunky to learn - after a few rides it becomes more intuitive. Take advantage of the desktop website to plan rides. Great for unfamiliar areas or rides. If you like to track data, this does everything expect calories. It integrates well with iWatch. Buy the expanded version as nothing of value is for free.

Need to fix the bugs


I want to purchase the upgraded version however they have not fixed a simple bug: the keep screen on function does not work when switching to another app then coming back. I have made them aware of this bug months ago and yet 5 updates go by and I am still without a fix to this simple problem....and yet apple watch support gets added?? If this bug gets fixed then I'll know they take customer feedback seriously and therefore the purchase will make sense. Until then I will continue using g the free version until I see a commitment to improving the app beyond adding features without fixing the old bugs.

Simply Awesome!!

Discovery Bill

Easy to make routes! Easy to use!

Great App

Melvin the Goat

I track each ride and use the app daily. Very easy to use.

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