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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer is free iOS app published by Ride with GPS LLC

No good


Bought this app specifically for a race. Just know that if you ever go off route, this app has no idea how to redirect you back on route... Instead, it will just repeatedly tell you you're off route until you figure out your own way back on route

Does anyone at RWGPS actually use this app?


This used to be my favorite iPhone ride tracking app. At some point they decided to add an interface to add ride photos to rides. Cool, right? But the *default* is every fricken photo taken between the time to ride started and ended. Every. Fricken. Photo. It's smart enough to ask if you want to upload 40+ pictures over cellular vs. Wi-Fi, but not smart enough to give you the option to cancel at that point. Good luck trying to delete all of the uploaded photos in the app, one by one. (The web interface is actually worse.) Asinine. Two stars.

Baller app!

Captain Obvious 440

I used this app for hiking and biking. Offline maps + voice navigation = worth every penny!

Great app.


I have this on an iPhone 4 and will be upgrading to an iPhone 5, but regardless this app had it all, turn by turn voice directions, customizable maps, it just doesn't quit, I've been using it for a year now and it just keeps getting better with age, I have tried quite a few others that don't come close. It orientates maps in the direction you are traveling. I can even put an earphone in, drop it in my back pocket and listen to the voice direction

Great app!


Such a useful app. Thanks for designing.

Crappy app


I've used Strava and MapMyRide so I thought I'd give this a try. It won't see any Bluetooth devices so I can't see heart rate or cadence. I have no problems with the other apps

Good for what is available.


Good for what is available now. Good customer service response. Good instructional videos. App does require membership to do simple route editing and other features that were standard in long lost map websites and apps of 10 to 20 years ago. Have to lower expectations and expect to pay now.

Big time bugs. Don't use this app


Just downloaded app to find some cool bike routes. Under settings, you are supposed to be able search for routes within 50 miles of your home. No! App insists on giving me every route in its database. Some routes are over 2000 miles away! Terribly disappointed !

Finally Apple watch support. But terrible battery life.

Brubaker 2119

I've been waiting for Apple watch support for a while now. I finally get it and after a 1hr ride this am, my Apple watch battery is down to 51% remaining... Not cool

Barely functional without purchase


Other apps are better and worth paying for

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