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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer is free iOS app published by Ride with GPS LLC

Mistake, poor value


First of all, become familiar with the free app before you even think of a paid subscription that is likely not worth the money. I paid $6 for the 1st month and they stole another $6 from me before I had a chance to cancel. Second, although the app does offer numerous navigation setting, I found the basic Google Maps app did a better job out of the box when I needed guidance the most. The trick is getting your route into Google Maps. Finally, planning turn-by-turn routes online from a PC works pretty good, but you can't do it from an iPhone. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anyone spend money on this app after my experience using it on a multi-day solo bike tour. The nagvigation let me down when I needed it most and seemed to randomly change between audio/visual cues.

Great cycling app


Turn by turn is the best feature I have ever used, hope the UI could be designed better!

Works for me


Easy to use, easy on the eyes. Gets the job done well.

Great app! But...


All i suggest is to add a hybrid option to the map. Other wise, i love this app!

Indispensable for cycling

Jersey kid 57

This is a great tool for cyclists. The route mapping feature is terrific and the riding directions are indispensable. I never ride without it anymore. The only issue I have is that it won't work properly with my Wahoo RPM speed sensor.

Great app for touring and riding


In combination with the website, which is the best tool out there for planning or finding a route, this app is all you need for touring. Select tour route, hit ride, put it in your pocket, and the mechanical lady will tell you when to turn. If you get off route pull out your phone and look at the excellent open cycle map. If you want a on handlebar display buy a Wahoo and they will link through Bluetooth. When you're touring you can plan routes really well on an iPad mini and then they are automatically on your phone app and you can download all the maps for a route so it keeps working when you're out in the middle of nowhere and there is no signal. And at least on a plus the battery drain is minimal. Highly recommended.

Best Cycling GPS


I've tried the top three and this one is the best. Creating rides and following them is easy. Finding rides from my local club or other riders is key. I've discovered some great routes through this app and RideWithGPS guides me through the ride.

Essential tool but need improvement

Cau Ut Tuong

While the free version is good for creating route like Strava, but it requires to pay to get the features that you get it free with Strava like apple watch to get your heart rate. I will pay for the upgrade if it incorporate with apple watch.

Extremely difficult to Cancel Account


App has ways to buy, to upgrade but no way to cancel...

Not worth it.


Bought this for a race. Accidentally closed it during the race and route was not there when I reopened app. Route was clearly marked and I didn't need this app. If it was a one time purchase I would consider buying it, but as a subscription hell no! Developers are too greedy. Wish I could get my money back.

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