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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer is free iOS app published by Ride with GPS LLC

It's a great app!


Excellent app. Even the free version does all sorts of things. I have no idea why some folks complain about cost. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Highly recommend

Great app!


Long-time user of the website and have been looking forward to this release- did not disappoint! Navigation worked flawlessly! Looks like my Garmin 800 is going to start collecting dust…



I love this app and website. Either a superior product or fantastic alternative depending on what you're comparing it too. I love that it the best route planner available and then provides the option for turn my turn directions (gotta pay, but worth it).

My Bad- works ok so far-I think...


Update- app delayed saving my ride. Hours later it finally appeared. Very strange. I hope this is not normal. ******** App appeared to be logging my ride, but app failed to save my ride & no history of my usage at all. I could see the info was there when I clicked to save the ride, but it was apparently deleted instead. Good thing I had another app logging my ride at the same time.

$3.99 for 7 days?


The pricing structure is weird. Why a 7 day period instead of a monthly or discounted annual rate? If I invest the time to document my various rides, why wouldn't I want to continue using the paid in app features? I'm just not seeing the value at $207.48 per year.

Ride W/GPS


Have the app but do not use it because of the pricing structure. I ride an average of 10-12 miles per day. What is the incentive to pay for this app by the week? None.

Not perfect but impressive none the less


Works well to provide turn by turn route navigation for your bike rides (with audio!). Just go to the RWGPS website to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. I can connect my iPhone to Bluetooth 4.0 bike sensors and a Wahoo RFLKT. The data fields on the RFLKT are the same as in the app. To select a different category to display, touch and hold the data field in the app. One small problem is that the GPS tracking has a snap to road tendency that is a bit too aggressive but if you stick to riding roads and not smaller bike trails then it won't be a problem.

Waste of Time


Don't waste your time. You have to pay for everything in order to do anything.



This app is very functional. It appears to track well and generally do an acceptable job with speed. Very similar to map my ride without annoying advertisements. Does not seem to share data with other health apps. Full functionality appears to be only via a very expensive seven day only fee! Either make it free or charge a reasonable one time amount for the app.

Turn by turn with some bugs


For someone who has no sense of direction this app is wonderful. I go on a lot of group rides with preset routes. The printed directions are usually too small for eyes over 40, so this app fills in nicely. I've used the app for over 1 year now on dozens of rides. Generally, the app does a good job of providing turn by turn directions on its own or when paired with my Wahoo Rflkt. I have had some rides where the app will seem to freeze and no current data is displayed on my Rflkt but it eventually recovers and there is no data loss in the end. I tend to take a lot of pictures while I ride which seems to correlate with some (but not all) of the freezing instances. On today's ride, the app was tracking my speed but it would not display on Rflkt. It is possible that some of the odd behavior is a hardware issue caused by my iPhone 6 getting too warm on long summer rides.

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