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Guess That Rhyme is a fun and easy-to-play word game for all ages. You are presented a random word and have 30-60 seconds to find a rhyming word.
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Timed Mode:
In "Timed Mode" you must find as many rhyming words for the word shown as you can in 60 seconds! The words are scored based on length; longer words get more points.

Arcade Mode
In "Arcade Mode" you go through levels that get progressively harder: you are shown rarer words which have less rhyme pairs. You are scored by how quickly you can come up with a rhyming word and how long the word you submit is. Arcade Mode features over 100 levels.

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Half of the words are not in the dictionary bud. I can’t pronounce the word, I can’t find a rhyme for the word. It really makes me mad because other than this, the game would be amazing! Please fix this and I PROMISE you will have more people (re)download this app.

Rhyme is Prime!

This game really worked my mind and stretched my vocabulary. I haven't thought about words that rhymes with each other but am happy to have juiced it up with this app!

Must have app
Ian Howard

There aren't a lot stimulating, fun apps that you can play on the go. Or at least there aren't that don't frustrating game mechanics or limited playability. This app meets all those wishes though. I recommend it to everyone!

Mama Mia!

Wow Mama Mia What A Great Game My Children Love It And My Wife Too ;)

Stuart Klein

Awesome game! Surprisingly addictive. Great for quick games here and there.

Frustrated Frenzy

This game rocks, and I don't even like games. An amazing way to waste time, without feeling like you're wasting time because you're exercising your brain and somehow feel productive after reaching a new level and high. The time limit and frustratingly difficult process of finding words that rhyme taps into that competitive aspect of your psyche and is sure to make you come back for more.

Jake Hanebutt

This is a truly fun game. It is perfect for a quick little game to play on flights, on a car ride, waiting in line, etc. Strongly recommend to anyone looking for a fun, quick game.

Don't give up.

Don't give up e aide you don't get it the first, second, or tenth time. Try it that hundredth time and you'll find your word groove.

Fun game!
Eileen Carey

Fun game

Just amazing
seano gahuno

This app is the best thing I have ever downloaded. It's fun! It's cool! It's trendy! I just got all of my friends into it and I can't thank the developers enough. This game is pure awesome. WOW

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