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Reverse Photo Search – Free And Easy Image Search

No need to search for photos by desciption when you can use reverse photo search! Make a photo or select one from your Camera roll and let the app find all the similar images on the web. If you need a photo of certain size, just set the parameters before the search. It was never that easy. Start searching!
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• Search for images by photos you have
• Ability to search for photos of certain size
• Take a photo or use images from your Camera Roll for reverse search
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad

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Not free - title lies

This should be banned from the Apple Store. Title says free, but if u do more than 2 searches, they say u have to purchase the app to continue using it. Dev, do u think people are that stupid? Why do u think u have so many bad reviews? There are other apps just as good or better like Revim. Search for Reverse image search. There are some good ones. There is one that I’ve been using for years called imagesearchhelper but for some reason, it doesn’t pop up under that search. It’s a yellow icon with just a white outline of a magnifying glass. Sorry, wish I could help more. Deleting this one.

Evilchinesefood's wife
Pickles423(David's Wife)

As an app that claims to do reverse image searches, (searching for information by using a photo) it does a great job!!! The only thing I've used it for so far tho is searching with images of logos (yes I'm cheating at logo quiz) but I've done 15 or 20 of them and it's only had difficulty finding one or two of them, and these are ones that I couldn't find on Google with the regular search method of typing the description of the logo. When I first started using it I was able to use it for one or two photos (ones that I tried to find with other apps like this but they couldn't find them or they would just crash) and then something pops up saying that if I wish to continue to use it I have to buy it. But that's not the reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5. The reason It's missing a star is because after I spent the 0.99 cents on it, it crashed (took me to my home screen) and even after I closed the app and opened it back up it would still crash again when I try to do another image search. The only way I've been able to fix this is by deleting the app from my phone, going back to the App Store and downloading it again. Except now I can search for six or seven photos instead of one or two before it asks me to buy it again. But since I already bought it, I'll redeem my purchase and when I go to do my next image search it crashes again. **To the programmers that made this game, you really need to fix this** It's kind of silly that once I actually buy the app it stops working >once this is fixed I will update my review or write a new one<

Not cool

Used it like three times then it said i had to download the full version. How about i just delete it!

A couple of searches and you need to pay?

It's called baiting, delete!

Really? Couple of tries and force purchase

Either make people buy your c&&&&y app or if you offer it let people try it more than twice or three times before disabling it. Don't even think it worked properly. Deleting it right after this review. Useless imho


I didn't even get to search one thing. As soon as I opened it, it was looking for money to upgrade.

Paid app
Eugene Nevgen

Not cool guys. Just make it paid in App Store

No good

Used this and another app to compare and this, not once, came back with any accurate results. This was before it made you purchase it after three searches. Trust me it's not worth your money.

Waste of time

It didn't even find me - supposedly using the google database- which I don't believe. This is a big waste of time from folks who clearly don't have a clue.