Reverse Camera Video Lite Reviews

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Reverse Camera Video Lite is free iOS app published by Galia Aviram

Works, but painfully slow


It does work as indicated in the description. It took 8 minutes and 45 seconds to process a 43 second video. That is painfully slow. It may have processed faster were it not for the 14 pop-up ads that appeared during processing. If I knew the paid version worked faster I would purchase it, but based on the pop-ups and slow performance I don't have any confidence that it will. 5⭐ for the fact that it does work, minus 2⭐ for the slowness and ridiculous number of pop-ups.


Say: eye Spell: map Say: ness

It really sucked how long it took to load the video. Not even worth the download because you wait 15 minutes for the video to load

It's slow


It's really slow



It works but to slow!

Too slow


It's too slow. It take 20 minutes for the videos to load. This app stinks. Do not get it!

Not good

Juliaa :P

Takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't even load my video. Not good

Good for vines


Awesome for vine vids

Waste of space

F**K my life I like TRIANS

I hate it:(



It's awesome that you could actually save the videos to your camera roll!

Not good!


This app takes forever to load and when it does load it exits me out!! Not helpful!!!

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