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Resume Review Pro is a free video app that shows you through examples and tips how to write a resume that gets job interviews.
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Career Coach Peggy McKee talks you through writing a stronger, more powerful resume in several areas:

Appearance – what turns employers against certain resumes
How to write a strong (but not limiting) Objective Statement
How to make your work history stronger so it “sells” you
What your resume format and structure should be
What to do about your references
Whether you are writing a resume, creating a CV, or building a LinkedIn profile, this app will teach you how to prepare a document that sells you for the job. There’s no reason you should ever have to hire a resume writer again!

The 3 separate videos are about 10 minutes of total viewing time.

Career Confidential CEO Peggy McKee has been coaching job seekers to success since 1999.


Great app

Excellent advice! The checklist is invaluable!


Incredible App. Works wonders when putting a resume together.

Fantastic app

This app is very well thought out and was very useful in grading and fixing my résumé. I highly recommend this app!


A few nice tips. Great free app if you need a little help with your résumé.

Cross dresser; buyer beware

Again, the answers are okay but again, be warned 'Peggy' is a cross dresser (and not a very good one). Do not buy any additional items as you are just as likely to find the same, if not better answers searching online.

great resume grading criteria

I'm job hunting and this helps a ton. I have this playing on my Touch as I edit my resume in fullscreen mode on my macbook. Good points: "hiring managers tend to skim" so she advises to use white space effectively. This is already making my resume so much better *highly recommended*

Original, Useful, Very Good

I found this app unique and useful. As I hunt for a job it is good to use this app to improve my resume. There are a number of techniques here that I never came across before in my review of several other resources on resume resources. Highly recommend.

Decent app

Found the video quality poor. Points are valid, but overall not very helpful, and the $40.00 review offer is steep.

Really Helpful App!

This app is great for anyone entering the job market and looking for a bit of direction creating their resume! Must have!

Highly Informative Résumé App!
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin

This app is easy to navigate. Simple and to the point. And has some really great info in it about the art of resume writing. For example, how your résumé shouldn't be about you but your employer, or how you shouldn't put 'references available upon request' at the bottom. It gives you the info in an easy to follow manner and doesn't waste any of your time. Hopefully now I can take my resume from F to A. :)

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