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Restaurant Story is free iOS app published by Storm8 Studios LLC


Vr y

After a month I stopped playing because it got boring and don’t listen to those one star reviews because they just have crappy devices



I have a problem. All day, everyday I’m cooking food and tipping. I love this game!! It hurts me to have less then 100% customer happiness.

Game will not load


After playing this game for years it will no longer load making game play impossible. Only started when the food trucks were added.

Restaurant story


Love it!

Good but some glitches


I love playing this game. it’s the only game i have on my phone and it really is a good game. however, sometimes when i start to cook a food or i buy something, if i get off the game i’ll come back on and it’ll be gone and it’ll be like it never happened. other than this it’s a good game just some small bugs that could be fixed

Restaurant story


I love this game. I have being playing for at least 8 or more years. Over time people want you too add them and they request material and then they keep their restaurant full so you can't tip then you give them the material they request an they don't want to tip you. So I'm going to clean house and delete those neighbors. I feel they shouldn't be able to get the materials they request if they can't be a good neighbor please work on this give a lot more then I receive. Thankyou


Fairy Mya

Make it so that you can sell tiles. It is ridiculous that it costs over 10,000 for two tiles. I want my in game money back. Just ridiculous.

Fun game

brookes bistro

So fun💜

A dream come true?


Ever dream of owning a restaurant? If so this game is for you. The challenges could be longer, but you don't get caught up in Chef's job. A lot of fun



Just a warning that you could become addicted, LOL! My boyfriend and I love this game!