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4/5 rating based on 395 reviews. Read all reviews for Restaurant Story for iPhone.
Restaurant Story is free iOS app published by Storm8 Studios LLC

Need some updates


I like this game it just need some updates on everything like the food should get done faster

Awesome app!!


I love this game! I love food and I love to create! This game is for you if you enjoy both!!

Video Errors


Videos to speed up cooking times are not loading. Getting error message. Please fix.

Need Black Avatars


I️ love the game but there should be an option for black avatars. It’s not cool to only have a white face as the owner of your restaurant.

Good fun game


This game is fun but when you go to the message wall to write something and to post on you can’t see the words please fix this problem that also same in baker story



If you have any problems on their games and try to email them with their "form", they will immediately send you an email stating they "will not be able to respond to individual requests". The only free gems they offer now is run by a unrelated company designed to give you a couple of ads to watch at first, then only offers "tasks" to fill out information to other companies that are designed to get your personal information so scammers can target you later. There are a ton of other free restaurant games out there that will give you support for problems, and offer plenty of ads to watch for free "gems/coins". Storm8 games are slowly dying games trying to get the last bit of money than can from players that have been playing for years that they no longer care about. Then they quietly shut the games down without telling the players and still try to sell them gems! SCAM

I can’t login


I can’t login into my iPad. I started playing on my Samsung s8, can you please fix it? I had to stat back in the beginning

Great game


You get 10 free gems a day. You get friends to help you build stuff. When there a problem. I post on here. It gets fix’s right a way.



I’m a level 99 why can’t we ever move beyond 99? Please do something about parts for “new” stoves ~ it’s extremely frustrating to send parts (new parts are in the beginning older parts are separated with way, way to many goofy knobs)

Fun Downtime game

Facebook stalkerish

It takes a little bit of attention to get started but once you give it like two days of attention, you can just check in, modify stuff, buy decor, etc. It’s a great game for people who just want something not so involved but just to keep up with over time and check like once a day. It does have a glitch getting stuck on the processing screen but I just close and re-open and its fine. The million ads that pop up in the beginning are very very annoying but I don’t spend money on games so if that what it takes to stay free and still have options for penny pinchers like me then I guess I’ll have to get over it. Can’t have it all

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