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In Remedy Rush, it’s you vs. the germs in this revitalizing adventure game of curious remedies. After coming down with a pesky sickness, you’ll delve deep into the body and navigate through an endless maze of cells while utilizing a variety of unconventional remedies to ward of the germs. Each with game-changing side effects, the experimental remedies such as sushi, a tennis ball, and a teddy bear, act as a key defense to fight the germs lurking in the body. The more days your remedy survives, the longer you fend off the sickness!
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Games Free Fixpoint Productions Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Collect health bursts to kill germs and destroy toxins that live in the body to create new pathways for your remedy to explore. Leaving a burst in their wake, toxins can destroy germs, but also kill your remedy if you’re not careful. The longer your remedy stays alive, the more dangerous the sickness becomes, getting progressively intensified as the days go on.

Remedy Rush is chaotic, dynamic, and unpredictably alive, challenging you to vary up your gameplay style and make important decisions to best utilize your remedy and combat the germs. The simple mechanics paired with the unpredictably organic nature of the human body, and funky, handcrafted pop-art, aligns to create a tension-filled battle of the germs.

• Over 30 different remedies, each with its own game-altering side effect
• Supports many different playing styles: use slower, logical thought, or rush through haphazardly
• Procedurally generated, and increasingly complicated gameplay
• Prize system, which encourages players to keep coming back for more, in hopes they'll unlock the newest treatments
• Continuously updated challenges
• Accessible yet challenging gameplay
• Custom-composed soundtrack and hand-crafted art


Fun especially with fried chicken

I love fried chicken Remedy because of reasons. Overall game is really fun and no pressure to buy stuff

Super super insanely addictive!

If you want to forget your worries for awhile, you've got to play this game! It's so easy to learn and yet can be quite challenging, but just the perfect amount. It reminds somewhat of "Polymer" but with more of a fun purpose and colorful graphics. And the music-aaaah! It's real and it's relaaaaxing and yet tension building too. I just can't say enough cool things about Remedy Rush.


A lot of fun. Great soundtrack and art to boot.

His best yet

Fun high score chaser! Give it a try. I hope more remedies and maybe some cosmetic background options could be added if the game does well.

Fantastic game

You immediately get hooked on this game. It is great! The idea, artwork and music integrate into the environment. The person who wrote this is a genius.

Fun and whimsical with great music
Some producer

I usually turn off the volume for games, but never with Fixpoint titles. Also, I'm playing as an avocado! Uh, spoilers I guess?

Super fun game!!

All the games from this Trebella are super fun and Remedy Rush is no exception. Addicting gameplay, beautiful art, and killer soundtrack. Well worth the download!!

Quick action and lots of fun

Great to play when you are looking for something quick and action packed

Pretty Easy

I already have 8 remedies and I have been playing for only 30 minutes (or close to that). Pretty easy to get remedies!

👍🏻👌🏻Nifty Game🎮

*Jan. 8, 2016* ⭐️ 5 An amazing & creative game. Find myself playing this a lot. Thank you🙏🏻, developers.