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Reincarnation : Mystery of the missing neighbor 2

New adventure! Where is the mysterious neighbor? I have not seen my neighbor for a long time. His old farm is abandoned, and at night you hear very strange sounds, almost nightmarish.
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Games Free Francisco Javier Perez iPhone, iPad, iPod

Toc toc, I knock the door: Hello, is there anyone? But no one answers, I will have to enter.
The function is simple: you have to find the key to be able to exit once you enter. The last key is protected by the evil neighbor, but he is slower than you.

With the help of my smartphone, I'll look for ways to get on your farm and solve the mystery. I'm a bit scared, because people say that the neighbor can be a madman or a murderer, or is possessed by evil.
This is a free scary game to find clues and solve mysteries and escape, look for your smartphone first, you will need it to light up and as a detector of hazards. It's not a nightmare, it's real.
Open all rooms and rooms to find keys and tracks
Find the keys and open the doors, in the end you will discover a terrible event ... From hell!
In the end, run and escape!
Game of fear and scares, do not panic.



I have a thought that if the neighbor notices you he will try and kill you also I am thinking about adding a sprint button for running also you don't have enough time to turn when you grab green key


Ok, first of all, there needs a run button. Second, Add a way to look around! Please, and I give this a big fat thumbs up!

Not that good on ipad

This game is not that good on the apple iPad or other iPads this is fit for something else then iPad play if you what to see why this is not so good on iPad and maybe mare