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Refresh and Renew is paid iOS app published by Laughing Place Communciations, LLC

Ok but...


It would be good except she uses the word "blood" too often. It sounded weird and distracting to hear that several times while trying to relax and be guided into a meditation.


Thomas, Jonathan

This is the third meditation I got by Ahnalira. Again, I find myself calmed and centered after listening. In addition, I am learning about my body. I have enjoyed all three meditations so far and I will get the fourth. The first one I had I could not go to a particular place within the meditation, but now I see they have added a slider. It’s nice to see that they are working on improvements. Well done meditation!!

It is a normal meditation

Melibea 55

It is not with ho oponopono

Enjoy relaxing time


All of us in todays world are looking for ways to relieve stress and balance the components of life. This guided meditation offers an easy and safe solution to realize balanced state of well-bing. It does work for me, make me feel refreshed, renewed and more fully integrated! Enjoy the relaxing time.

Relax Mind


Day job too much pressure, this software can relax my mind. Let me be released during the holidays