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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.

Upvote comment jumping

Raging Ramboner

Still having an issue with comment jumping/random scrolling when I upvote a comment in a thread. Extremely annoying. Please fix this!

Scrolling needs a fix ASAP


Scrolling is a nightmare due to the screen flickering and getting the scrolling position reset.

Unable to post. 405 Error.


Please fix

My Favorite Reddit App!


I have been using Redditor for as long as I've been browsing Reddit. The gallery viewing option hasn't been implemented better with any other app, and is a huge reason why I always come back to Redditor after trying new apps (even the official Reddit Mobile app). Aside from wishing there was a way to have a completely custom color theme (like either by hex code or a color wheel to personalize font and background colors) and the few glitches here and there, it is pretty close to perfect! Remember that there is a feedback button within the app to let the dev/devs know of any issues you have. I emailed them about the imgur/gfycat bug and they were very prompt with a reply!



Not bad at all

Favorite Reddit app


After try a few reddit apps I find myself going back to this one.

Hidden gem glad i discovered


I got fed up with Reddit official app and how the devs add unnecessary functions no one had ask for while completely ignoring suggestions or acknowledging bugs. Alien Blue was good and idk why they bought it then completely abandoned it.

Love the app but...


It's been crashing a lot lately because of how it handles the cache, it doesn't seem to at all as the cache files up and it keeps crashing or freezing until I manually clear the cache. Since this has been happening more often than the past, I'll have to give 3 stars. Once fixed, all five stars as without this issue it's the best Reddit app on here.

Seriously blown away


OK I have to start off by saying: I very seldom ever leave reviews as I feel like it is a waste of time since nobody is going to read my review it let alone care along with the fact that it will just get hidden in a sea of other reviews. I have decided to leave this review for two reasons. 1. As there are not very many reviews and this is an unknown client to most people, somebody might actually read this and decide to use this client, I want to do my part to get the word out there about this being an amazing app. 2. I never ever thought I would find a Reddit client better than Antenna (previously AMRC). I have used it for probably at least two years, I use Reddit constantly and without fail, daily. With innovative features, a very cool upvote / downvote system, the ability to favorite subreddits that you're subscribed to (I am subbed to over 500 subs and it's not easy to find / remember a specific sub, a great layout, tons of customization and many other features I have not mentioned. Good job to the dev! Amazing work. Thank you for making this app! It will now be my reddit client that I'm sure won't be replaced for a long time.

Nice job


This is the best reddit app. Nice job on this. I have been using it for well over a year, and I miss it when I am forced to use my laptop at work. I don't even write reviews. I just thought you guys deserved this. Thank you!!