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Redditor - the perfect client is free iOS app published by Tyanya Software LLC.



fixed issues back to 5/5

My favorite reddit app. -original review: Pictures don't load

App is dead

Pictures load perfectly in new release. My favorite reddit app Original:Recently no pictures load. Makes using the app impossible. I've switched Reddit apps until this is fixed.

App crashes so it’s unusable


I’m using iPhone 5s and whenever I open the app it crashes. Used to be my favorite reddit app. Shame

Best watch app period

Martin Moore MKE

Hands down the best Reddit client for the watch. I would honestly pay for this.

App immediately crashes and zero support


After the splash screen it immediately crashes. Clicking the link for App Support goes to a side that states ‘under construction’ or zero support basically

Need updates

Mousa K.

Can’t open many links and many broken links that I need to open with the browser.

No pictures in the newsfeed


Seriously, what’s the deal?! Fix this!

Pictures don't load

App is dead

Recently no pictures load. Makes using the app impossible. I've switched Reddit apps until this is fixed.

Fav app other than...


Newest update causes crash upon opening app 100% of time

Best Apple Watch Reddit Client

Martin Moore MKE

For starters the icon alone tells you that this is going to be about as close to a official Reddit App experience on your wrist as you can get. The works flawlessly, load times are always almost instant. Being able to upvote/downvote and see your comment replies and comment back is truly remarkable. I would love the ability to see all or top comments on actual posts and the ability to comment on posts. Also I feel like ‘emails’ should be changed to messages’ This app is truly amazing and keeps getting better. It’s crazy popular on the r/AppleWatch subreddit. I’d pay good money for some extra features. Thanks for making this!