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Get the latest news, trends, and memes on the Internet first on Reddit. You get to decide what’s worthy: top content rises to the front page thanks to your upvotes.

There’s a Reddit community for every subject imaginable: your favorite sports team, relationship advice, memes, silly gifs, the latest in news and politics—all in real time. What’s that you say? “What about a community dedicated solely to photographs of cats standing on their hind legs?” We got that, too. (Cat.)

The best part about Reddit, after all, is you. Whether you’re into movies or space travel, coding or baking, world news headlines or Hollywood gossip, astronomy or astrology—or all of the above—instantly share your content and ideas with millions.

With the official Reddit app, you can:

• Browse all of Reddit, wherever you are
• Search and discover communities by topic or interest
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Plss reddit can you put gifs animated for profile for free plssss thanks 😃😃


This app is a beautiful product

Love u Reddit
twisted straw

Best place to find memes, and to find art, I LOVE IT!


I like Meme 5 stars

Why is the apple app worse than the android app?
fuss hussle

I don't understand. I just came from Android to Apple. I got the app. Immediately noticed subtle differences that come with switch phones. Fine, whatever. I cannot figure out how to clear my history, which is odd but not a problem. But I can't even change NSFW options? Why? Why can't I toggle them on or off? Why can't I unblur these images when they are on? Why is there even a difference between Android and Apple? Asinine.

Reddit Review

Big Chungs Wholesome 100 Epic Gmaer

Brainwashed Liberal Scum

Silencing anyone without the same leftist views, shutting out open, respectable discourse, and a complete abuse of power among mods make this about as fun as a North Korean television show.

Very cool

Friendly and cool Users

Fency Community

Power well done

Amazing but

I like reddit i enjoy the memes and all that but i dont like how there are communities that say they are neutral in politics but are heavily one sided and if u express ur opinion your karma goes from 100 to -10,000x