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Chimp scientists have invented a M.O.O. that can save the world from garbage by eating anything to make electricity! Figure out what your MOO craves and avoid allergic reactions in this silly and fun play on words puzzle game!
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- Easy to play, just drag items to your MOO's mouth
- If your MOO craves 'rings' then you might feed her wedding rings, a telephone (it rings), a tree (it has tree rings) or many more
- Feed your MOO over two hundred different items through 50 levels
- Rub your MOO's tummy in case of extreme allergic reaction
- Use special medicine to help your MOO

Save the world, one piece of garbage at a time! The world is filled with pollution and trash, but your MOO can eat anything and make electricity! Figure out what your MOO craves to get her big enough to power a whole city! Don't worry, it's completely safe and your MOO is having fun! Great for kids of all ages!

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Udder madness

The higher puzzles really get tricky!

Great game

Never played a puzzle game like this before, cute graphics, lots of fun

Great game!

Love it!!!! It's soooooo cute!!!

Definitions are only very loosely related to the objects..
Charlie 75

... And it takes the fun out of playing. Potential to be a great game for kids with some tuning up. Very original idea.

Perks perks52 perks

I recommend NOT getting this it is not finished many bugs and glitches. I recommend not getting this

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