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Take care of the patients and help them get better in their health while they are in the hospital.
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The Jason
Frau Gershau

As I played the game I feel like I really grew as a person. Every time I angrily duck walked through those hospital doors, my character grew tremendously. I quickly came to care for Dr. Skip and his way with words as he assured me ‘The heart Jason is working fine’ Little ‘The Jason’ stole my heart as did Daughter. The interactions were just so real. I have to admit I could only give 4 stars because there were a number of patients in the waiting room that made me nervous. I feel like staff should’ve helped me a bit more through this traumatic event in my life. However my children are now well do to the help of Dr. Skip thanks you

atalie pulley

There is only 10 levals and they go so fast. And they need to make the people walk a little faster NEEDS UPDATED


This game does not work. I could not get past an x ray...there was nothing to do. Dont get it. Waste of time.

Not The Best...

First of all, I was pretty excited to install this, because I wanted a “surgery game”. But then, I didn’t enjoy it. Second of all, WHY, just WHY do the people walk so slow?? It’s mostly just symptoms doctors don’t fix! The people are not even realist! Any why, too many adds? I get an add whenever I’m done with a patient, before I cure one, and mostly all the time! I’m sorry but, I didn’t like this app.



Way too easy

It is way too easy and the levels are easy to bet.

science pro

It does not have like any levels and they are so easy.I HATE this game.Too many adds.If you want to come home and relax and just play a game,if you choose this game your done with the whole thing in just 10 minutes.🀯🀯🀯.

Good Game but too many ads
Old renegade

Hello! So I just downloaded this game and all I can say is I do love it a lot but the ads come up like crazy. The game itself is ok and kinda realistic but every time you complete a level an ad comes up that’s like 20 secs long. If there’s any way you could fix the game by limiting the ads that would be great! Again no hate towards the creator just wanting to let y’all know abt the ad situation. Thank you so much😁

No subject
pretty dread headd

I can’t play it’s only showing one arrow when I have to give him a x ray


Too many adds not really fun game to play and it’s just the characters go to slow