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Real Basketball is free iOS app published by VUVY TEKNOLOJI ANONIM SIRKETI

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Why no update in 6 months?


This game needs upgrades bad. New basketballs new players to choose from huh .new backgrounds .



Great game





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It’s fun to play

Great Game Overall


I love playing the game serving different opponents i would give you guys 5 stars but theres 1 bad problem 1 is you gotta fix the issue when somebody shoots an misses they still give them the bonus baskets when clearly the ball missed the basket but the alarm indicates that he made it but if he keeps missing they still give them those bonus baskets. That issue is a MUST FIX cuz i think that the other opponent is cheating. Keep up with the updates but fix that glitch.



The screen is too zoomed in on the iPhone ten



It’s ok. The graphics aren’t that good but it's ok

Oh my goodness gracious!

Jorge Dietsch

It is a really good game you have to play it. It’s so good in fact it's spectacular so try it. 5Stars all the way!