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How fast do you read? ReadSpeed was created to give you honest information about your true read speeds, while entertaining you with interesting, funny, and inspiring content.
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• Get accurate and honest information on how fast you normally read as well as your top speed.
• Discover fascinating, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny quotes from celebrated authors, historical figures, famous celebrities, comedians, philosophers, and more.
• Share your scores and get your friends to play.

ReadSpeed version 1.0 is now live!
For any comments, questions, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you—email us at [email protected]
Thanks and have fun finding your read speed!


Useful & Fun!

This is a nice, simple app that helps you find out how fast you read. It shows you short text passages and you time how long it takes you to read each one, then gives you your average score. Normally, this kind of app is pretty boring, but ReadSpeed actually makes it fun! The text is really interesting: quotes from famous people that are inspiring or motivational, and even jokes and funny quotes from famous comedians. Also, it’s nice-looking and easy to use. Two thumbs up! ;-)

Nifty App!

Nice app that does exactly what it says: tells you your reading speed, both your normal pace and your top speed. What's cool is that the text you're given to read is actually interesting and sometimes really funny (like I literally LOL'ed a few times!). Highly recommended!

Thank you. Improves my reading.

This is a great app. Let me begin with that I have dyslexia. My challenge is to capture the meaning of new words or a combination of words that I have not read before. ReadSpeed is a fun way to practice my reading speed as well as improve my abilities to understand the content when it's new to me. Looks like this is an early version, but would be great with more features to improve your overall reading, understanding of content, and speed. Perhaps some tips and tricks how to become a better reader would be a great addition (a toolbox).

Cool Reading App

Well designed, fun and easy to use. Lets you compare your regular rate vs your top speed. Serves up some great quotes for the reading part. Check it out if you’re looking for a fun way to find out your reading speed.

Nice & Simple

Was curious about my reading speed so decided to try this. Pleasantly surprised to find it actually fun! Detailed results, interesting texts, and easy to use.

Snack sized fun app

What I really like about readspeed are the great literary quotes it uses to test your speed. It's pretty cool to know my average reading speed and now I can sharpen my skills and become faster! It's one of those apps that you can boast about to your friends. Highly recommend to those who are curious about their reading speed.

Very interesting

It's exciting, cool way to see your reading speed. Nice design and text, it's really accurate