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RARZIP - Rar Zip File Opener

Professional zip/rar/7z file compression decompression tools!
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Utilities Free xiaoling bai iPhone, iPad, iPod

Support unzip with password file, iCloud file, network file, universal file format viewer, zip & export album files.

Decompress File:
Local Decompress: Import zip/rar/7z file from mobile mailbox or other APP, upload zip/rar/7z file files from the computer, then decompress the file.
Network Decompress: input zip/rar/7z compressed file URL address, APP download and decompress it.
Decompress iCloud file.

Compress File:
Compress the album photos or videos and export the zip file.
Upload zip/rar/7z file files from the computer upload to the APP's Local files directory, and then compressed files on the phone.

File Management:
Privacy files, photos, video vault, TouchID, gesture password double protection.


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