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Rancho Blast: Family Story

Welcome to first ever created Rancho Blast Builder game combined with challenging Blast Puzzles.
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Help Katie to rebuild this once legendary place. Explore her world, and help her unravel the stories surrounding the ranch. Complete blast puzzles and get ready to decorate the ranch as your heart desire! Join into special peaceful atmosphere of west ranch storyline. Build and design your very own ranch. Make meaningful choices that will affect how your story unfolds.

Easy to play game play - complete tasks by playing blast puzzles. Match two,three and even all puzzle board if you can do so. Game play is so simple and fun, so enjoy hundreds of addicting blast puzzles.


● First ever unique Rancho Builder combined with blast puzzles. All in one game.
● Complete hundreds of challenging blast puzzles and unlock new buildings and decorations!
● Play with unique in-game items, power-ups and dozens of fun obstacles!
● Unlock amazing boosters to blast your way through the levels!
● Free daily bonuses.
● Free lives rewarded system.
● Free forever. Fun to play, Easy to start, challenging to master!
● Use an In-game social network for sharing lives.
● Win amazing prizes!
● Unlock dozen of customizations!
● Enjoy delightfully designed sounds!
● Train new cute and wild animals!


Loved before update

I loved this game until I downloaded the latest version. Now it instantly closes and doesn’t work on my iPhone 8.

Crash too much

Fun at first, but kept crashing and wasting lives.


I have been waiting for an update and keeping this game because I like to play it...but if all I’m going to get to do is open chests, I’m done. The purpose is to complete tastes and build to your ranch but if that’s not doable why keep the game? I’m level 1032 completed day 12 and have been waiting for several months checking randomly for new tasks.....

Not enough moves

There’s not enough moves and even when you try the free way it’s only two moves. Most games give you at least five. I love the graphics and what the game is about but I can’t stand the starting and stopping.

bodle bug 11

Love this game so much you get to have a puppy a horse a swan a peacock but needs more lives love the chests I’m on level 211 needs more animals but I love it ps needs updating I’m wandering I tap on the bunny and it’s says it is hungry or something else how do you feed it

Very frustrating!
Harvest Land player

This game looks fun and it is until...you are almost ready to solve the puzzle and the game just closes. I have reported the issue, uninstalled and reinstalled twice (like another player with the same issue did) but it hasn’t worked for me. You don’t win money which is false advertising unless apparently you context with Facebook..I wonder what info the are stealing! Uninstalling for the last time and staying away from games made by this developer


I would give 5 star but this stupid game keeps getting stuck!! Then the app closes!!!!


I am really disappointed in this game.the app shuts down on me when I finish a quest. Then I have go back in a redo it again.


I’ve been enjoying the game but I’ve been sitting at level 465 for over a month waiting for a new update. I’d be willing to wait for a while if there was some sort of communication on when the update should be coming out. As it is, I may end up deleting it.

to hell with Lord Cheeto

I love this game but once again I can’t go any further. I’m back on the key game This is twice this has happened. If it co to use I will delete the game