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Watch or listen to The Dave Ramsey Show 24/7 to get your daily dose of real talk about life and money.
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Tune in to watch Dave Ramsey, America’s trusted money expert, help real callers as they share stories about their lives, families and money. You’ll learn firsthand how to escape debt and build wealth every day through Dave’s life-changing advice.

If you listen closely, you might even hear a story much like yours. Hope has a home on the radio—and hope now streams directly to your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere.


- Watch the show via video stream
- View on-demand clips of the most popular show moments
- Listen to the show audio, both live and via archives
- Quick and easy access to download the show podcast
- Email questions directly to Dave
- AirPlay support enabled. Watch the show on your big screen via Apple TV!



So thankful that Dave Ramsey cares enough about people to help them, not really expecting anything in return

TEX on 40 acres

Keep it supple stupid large button make it extremely easy


So grateful for Dave’s wisdom and guidance! When you are in a “storm” even common sense betrays you. Many thanks!

Loving it!

So informational and they make it into layman‘s terms where you can understand it?


Trying a put your topics in categories. Easier access to the topics people want to hear


I’m looking forward to the movie and the total take over.

Life changing

Thank you

Can be life changing if you apply it

Podcasts are awesome. Informative. Encouraging. Dave implements simple principles which, if applied, can be truly life changing. Other resources are available on the app as well. Highly recommend this app and Dave Ramsey in general for financial motivation and inspiration. Thanks Dave and crew.


This app is changing my family’s lives. Having Dave on demand keeps us motivate to follow the program, pursue our goals, and change the way we use, and teach our children to use money. I’m a mom of four. I own a business. I’m busy. I can listen to the show while I wash dishes, write emails, work...whatever. And it helps me stay laser focused on the prize.

Good Biblical Financial principles

Dave Ramsey advice is sound with helping establish good financial principals to get out of debt and start fresh.

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