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Stream 300+ live, HD, and exclusive stations on the newly redesigned app. Explore by location, genre, or category to find your favorite music, and get local news and sports from across the U.S.
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• is now available for Apple Watch! Control playback, browse our full station guide, change stations, easily access recently listened to stations, add favorites and view Now Playing right on your Apple Watch. Includes Glances!
• View Complete Track and Artist Info with Hi-Res Art
• Save Favorites and Listening History
• Rest Easy with the Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock
• Browse Station Info, Show Schedules, and News Feeds
• Connect with your favorite stations by voting on Polls and submitting recorded audio responses to questions
• Read the Latest Headlines while Listening
• Connect with Apple TV and Other Devices through Air Play

**NOTE** If you experience any problems please Contact Support from the menu in the app. We're more than happy to help you.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings.
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Teleporting after pause
Harrpooned in the Eye

Let me know when the teleporting to random places is fixed. Support says they can’t replicate it but all my friends and family have the same issue soooo.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Can’t wait until there’s an app I can pause a show and come back to it

Great access to local news station.
News Listner

Great access to local news station in Richmond Virginia. Also offers the ability to read some national news while listening.

Non stop
big vern 817


Same issues as everyone else

Bugs out and loses ability to control through lock screen and control center forcing you to multitask back to the app just to pause. Frequently loses its place and goes back to live usually after a forced ad is played. Guy copy pasting the same response to reviews over and over - save the effort. Not contacting your “support”. Fix the app. These problems have been going on for months and the copy pasting just looks unprofessional. If it’s fixed, back to 3-5 stars. If you send a copy paste canned response, it’ll stay 1 star even if an update fixes things. Update: I guess we’ll stay at 1 star forever. Good work. Update 2: The app was updated for bug fixes yesterday. Now it freezes after a minute or two of playback. It’s effectively useless, as is the “support team”.

94.7 Love it... Katie Neal .....ROCKS
not happy lk

The app is not working properly and I keep uninstalling it and it is a futile attempt at listening to the station I have been listening to for over 40 years! LisaRoknolKozak Miami Florida USA


Can’t “keep its place” within a radio show when paused and restarted. EG Press Pause at 16 minutes in, hit play a few minutes later, and it randomly jumps to another time mark, or to the very end of that show. Very annoying and borderline unusable.

Love This Radio App!!
Vandana Vaswani16

I’m entertained 24x

Worse than a poor April fools joke

This app is so buggy that I’m not even sure how it went through quality testing before pushing it out to the world. iHeartRadio is so much better than this. This app not only doesn’t play but also starts playing randomly after I pause a station. This has caused so many embarrassing moments at work and at places where I can’t play loud music. Update 2: Got the same lame response of contacting support with issue number blah blah blah. Why even bother if you don’t care to listen to your customers?


Love listening to power 96.5 when I’m on the go on this app it’s so littttt

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