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** Featured in MIT Technology Review's 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2014 **
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Quip is the modern productivity suite that simplifies your life and helps your team get work done faster. It combines chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app — making collaboration fast and easy. Quip enables you to create and share with your family, friends, or office from any device — including the iPad, iPhone, and the desktop.

Take notes, share grocery lists, organize task lists, edit docs with your office coworkers, collaborate with any group or team on projects.

Real-time chat and messaging is integrated seamlessly for easy collaboration, so you never have to switch to email.

Embed beautiful, full featured spreadsheets with support for over 400 functions and a customized mobile keyboards that make editing a pleasure from any device.

All of your chats, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets are available on all of the devices you use — iPhone, iPad, and desktop. Easily review changes, comments, annotations to your docs and spreadsheets from your iPhone and iPad.

Import your documents from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Google Docs, and more. Export documents to PDF and Microsoft Office. Export spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel. Import your address book from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google, or iCloud.

Quip also works on the desktop (Mac and PC) at http://quip.com (https://quip.com/).


Functional, but terrible chat UX

Compared to something like slack, quip is missing functionality and lots of small QoL aspects like, when you switch to a new chat you also need to click on the text input because it is not in focus (example from the desktop app).


By far my favorite app.

Love the features. Hate the set up.

This why I try to avoid using Quip as much as I can. It’s the same reason I find myself going back to the default iOS Notes app- simplicity. Less steps to get to where you want. I always feel like in Quip I’m going back and forth. Mobile device experience on Quip is just not my favorite thing. Amazing features. Wish the bottom menu was always there. Way too many notifications. I don’t care if John just opened a doc in Quip. He can let me know when it’s ready. Ok rant over. Quip rocks.

Large spreadsheets crash

Mobile app constantly crashes with more than 200 rows on iPhone X (12 columns across). I have to reinstall app to get back to home screen. I have thus reinstalled the app 14+ times.

Horrible app for editing

Worst editor I’ve ever used. Worse than Word, worse than Ulysses, worse than IA writer, worse than you name it. The screen constantly blinks and scrolls to the top when I am in the middle of editing. The iPad version is quite literally unusable as a document editor. The MacOS version is fine. I only use editors that I don’t have to fight while writing. I have to fight Quip ipad app second to second. No thanks.

Joe Michael

1. Been able to import from Pages, Numbers and Keynote 2. Being able to import a picture to a folder 3. Being able to create Live apps on iOS 4. Scan a document within the app 5. Bring more of the amazing features and layout to iOS It’s an amazing app!

Just works, it really works

After spending years looking for a collaborative app like this I found everything we needed in Quip. I’m a convert.

Stop asking for access to my contacts

the attempts when logging in to request access to all of my contacts and send them spam so that they can install quip are offensive and harmful towards users. please stop this Additionally there should be an option to disable chat.

Good app!

Good experience!

Please allow third party keyboard like Swiftkey and Gboard

I am so used to writing with a swipe keyboard that when I can't use one in Quip, I end up switching to another app to write there instead and copy/paste it into Quip if I need to.