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◆◇A challenge from game designers to all of humanity◇◆
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Games Free LIICA INC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Are you capable of getting a ball out of a cup?
If you are confident that you can, we challenge you.
It may sound simple, but the truth couldn't be further.

◆◇How to play◇◆
Take on the challenge by creating a solution on the screen to clear the Q.

“Oh man, this is hard.”
”Unique and multiple solutions!”
"Where one may solve it in seconds... for another may take eternity..."
"There are Qs even we developers cannot solve. We invite you to solve the unsolvable!"


We challenge you to complete the Q. Our Q’s are so exciting, we promise to keep you engaged until you lose track of time.

◆◇Share your Victory◇◆
Share your victory with the rest of the world.

◆◇Be the first◇◆
There are over 100 puzzles and some aren't even solved by us.
You could be the first to do so...

◆◇Using SNS◇◆
Upon solving the puzzle, share the moment on Twitter and Facebook!
Show the world just how far you can think outside of the box.

◆◇Side Effects◇◆
1) Watching others play is just as fun. That is because the collective is surprisingly incapable of performing simple tasks. Get a group of friends together and give it a go.

2) Try to solve each task in as few attempts as possible.

3) You will be able to see how many people in the world have managed to solve each problem.

Time flies with this game. Once you start you won't be able to stop. There is so much here to sink your teeth into which makes it the best app for those moments when you have some time to kill. Regardless of age or gender, it’s so easy anyone can play! It can be used as an educational tool for children.
Playing with others makes the game even better.

The "User Q" campaign invites users to submit their own puzzles.
Please see the official homepage for more information!

* The campaigns offered through this application are stand-alone and in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. or Apple Japan Inc.
* Apple Inc. or Apple Japan Inc. bears no responsibility upon any problems encountered in this campaign.


Q Downgrade

Liica Can You Downgrade Q To 2.10.1? I’ll Give You Five Stars If You Do Q Player GreenQ08

Almost really good

The puzzles are fun and the ruleset/physics make sense but the bad loadtimes really blow the experience (ads cant even load so my app softlocks)

It keeps freezing after completing some levels.

I cant exit or anything. Its extremely annoying. Fun game but very disappointing

Possibly a bug within.

It seems to work fine with my wife’s android but it freezes up every time I complete a level on my iPhone.

Bad game

Won't connect at all game unplayable

A fun game. I like it.

A new concept for a good game. Keep the work.

Cool cool cool

Reminds of a green lantern


By far, one of my most favorite games! Keep up the good work!

Great game

Although I think that's such a piece of cake ;p

Great game

Really gets my dick wet