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PushPush - The Best Two Player Game Ever

Push-Push is a simple, Two-player tug of war. Find a friend, tap the lines, and the first person to get their line to the end of the screen wins!
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Games Free Luke Solomon iPhone, iPad, iPod


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Kenley Cawdron

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This game is fun

Almost as fun as Luke.

I pushed

I pushed and pushed and pushed. Can't stop pushing!

Crazy game!

This game is strangely addicting when playing with friends.


I love to play this game with my friends, great game

Fun two player game!
Paul Solt

I would love to see a little more strategy in the gameplay, but I think something like this is pretty fun in a party type setting. I'm always looking for more indie multiplayer games.

Great game, but criticism worth more than compliment
Mamadou Kaba

Great game, great play. It a great way to spare some time while feeling bored. However, the play again Botton that is at the bottom right when you you loose is a little flaw because I keep on pressing it due to right after I loose and it'll take me to play again without even displaying my score. I think it would be better to fix that because I want to see my score and my high score first thing when I loose. Overall, great game.


I will keep pushing till my heart stops!

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