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"Little Jellies Sweep Puzzle Games All Over the World”
Revolution of Puzzle Game! Let’s play with the little cute jellies!

[Game Introduction]
1. New concept of ‘Pushing and Pulling’ puzzle game
- The ‘Pushing and Pulling’ way is the world’s first ! Enjoy the ‘pushing and pulling’ feature and Jelly bursts pop pop.
2. Attractive little jelly-like characters
- Meet soft jelly characters, ‘Oro, Merong, Finfin, Bubu, Popo.’
3. Unputdownable addictiveness
- You’ll see that you’re addicted to intuitional touch control, high-quality graphic, pop pop sound.
4. Full of a number of enjoyments
- Single Mode: Are you tired of start every you fail the challenge? At classic single mode, you can challenge any level you desire and achieve. Also enjoy the time attack mode that time score is prolonged when you burst the jelly 4 combo or 5 combo.
- Multi-play mode: Sign in with Facebook account! You can play and share the game and various items with friends.
- Also never miss the bonus stage of consecutive combos
5. Dynamic items
- You can buy diverse items such as bomb, shield, reverse. More fun when you got the items!

[Game Story]
Adventure of little bad jellies to steal recipe of cookie land!
The jellies who feel jealous of cookie land’s unique flavor attempted to infiltrate the cookie land…
Players should protect the cookie land from bad little jellies!

Developer Velosh : www.velosh.com/ [email protected]
Publisher Plus MX : www.plus-mx.com/ [email protected]


so cool!!!

It's very fun and exciting :)


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Pushing Jell

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